Zombie Undead Siege CODM Season 6

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Although Zombies were associated with Call of Duty Mobile since the global launch, Zombies game mode was first introduced back in season 2 in 2019. Three game modes (Normal Raid, Hardcore Raid, and Survival) were introduced along with the Zombies map Shi No Numa allowing mobile players to experience classic Call of duty Zombies for the first time. However, developers decided to remove it from the game in March 2020. Since then, Zombies game mode has been missing from the game.

After a 16-month hiatus, Zombies are finally returning to Call of Duty Mobile. However, this time players will have entirely a different Zombies experience. The new game mode “Undead Siege” is not a classic Call of Duty Zombies game mode. The game mode is from Call of Duty Online (CODOL) which was launched exclusively for China.

Seven Day Siege in Call of Duty Online

In this game mode players have to collect supplies and equipment during day time to fortify a base. And during night time players have to protect the base and a machine called “Pandora” from multiple waves of Zombies. With each passing day, zombies will grow more powerful. Players need to survive and protect the Pandora for 7 days and nights to win the game.

Apart from custom loadouts, players will have special turrets for additional firepower to use against zombies. Also, players can use the Wrench to repair the Pandora’s “blood volume”.

Undead Siege in Call of Duty Mobile

The game mode will be similar to the Seven-day siege. The test server for season 6 (2021) and several social media teasers by Activision revealed further information about the game mode.

Map – undead siege will be played on the battle royale map. The night time will be full of poisonous gas. There is no information on whether this game mode will be a permanent or a time limited mode.

Undead Siege in Call of Duty Mobile

Turrets – data miners have found several images of turrets and perks from the test server. These turrets will have several levels.

Image credits: Dataminers hole

Undead Siege TurretUndead Siege Turret

Wrench – wrench will be available as a secondary melee weapon

COD Mobile Zombies WrenchCOD Mobile Zombies Wrench

Rewards – the game mode will be launched with 25 exclusive rewards such as new character skins, weapon skins and other cosmetics. Players have to complete several challenges to obtain these rewards.

Undead Siege rewards

Aether Crystal camos – season 6 will have a brand-new completion camo for players to grind. However, there is no news on how to obtain this camo. But many speculate this camo to be obtained by playing Undead Siege game mode.

Aether Crystal Camo COD Mobile

The following image shows the perks related to the Undead Siege game mode.

Other leaked contents are shown below (Chinese COD Mobile)

Undead Siege COD MobileUndead Siege COD MobileUndead Siege COD MobileUndead Siege COD MobileUndead Siege COD Mobile

Credits: Murdablast & Dataminers Hole

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