Trap Master Tricks & Tips

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Call of Duty mobile has introduced a brand-new trap master class in battle royale mode. Players can acquire this class by completing a few tasks of the event “Trap master challenge” which is available from the 12th of March to the 25th of March 2020.

Basically, this class enables the player to deploy a high voltage electric line. And when an enemy is passing through the line it will cause damage to the enemy. Apart from that, it will reduce their movement speed as well. Cool thing is, it increases the movement speed of the player who deployed the trap master while increasing the recharge speed of the other team members’ skills. In this article, we will give you all the tips and tricks you need to know about trap master.

Trap master tricks

A player can use 3, and with the chip upgrade up to 4 electric lines at a time. Once an enemy is caught, the enemy will be in shock for around 10 seconds. Moreover, the enemy’s location and distance will be visible with the trap master icon.

Trap master tricks


The enemy will take about 82 health points damage from a single electric line. An upgraded trap master can cause a deadly damage up to 123 health points. If the enemy caught in more than one line, the damage is higher and it might kill the enemy on the spot. Wearing a vest of any level will not minimize the damage what so ever. These electric lines can cause damage to enemy zombies as well.

Cod mobile trap master health damage
Trap master trap zombies

Can you kill an enemy with the trap master?

Yes. But only if the enemy doesn’t have maximum health points (150). You cannot kill an enemy with a single electric line even with an upgraded trap master.

Visibility to enemies

The electric line is not visible to the enemy no matter which class they have chosen within the game. But It is visible once they trigger the line. The color of the fence become red. But the 2 little sidebars are visible to the enemies, even prior getting caught with the fence. The enemy can destroy the electric line by shooting at these 2 side bars. We can guarantee that most players will never be going to notice these bars during the heat of the battle.

Cod mobile trap master fence
Trap master tricks

Best Places to Use the Trap Master

You can gain an edge over your enemy by the tactical placement of the trap master. If you are losing a gunfight, you can escape to a house, use the trap master at the door or near the stairs, and have a quick heal. You can use the trap master at enemy dog tags and other hot spots such as chip upgrades, zip lines, airdrops, vehicles, and on the aerial platform. It would be fun to watch enemies walking into these traps cluelessly. Trap master will definitely give players some easy kills.

Trap master tricks the door
COD Mobile Trap master tricks Chip Upgrade
Trap master tricks cable glider
Trap master tricks the Air Drop
Trap master tricks vehicles
Trap master tricks aerial platform

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