Smoke Bomber vs Other Battle Royale Classes

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Smoke Bomber is the newest Battle Royale Class added in Season 7. It is a Cluster Smoke Grenade which generates smoke in a large area while slowing down enemies who are affected by the smoke.  The major advantage for the players who have equipped the Smoke Bomber is that they can see the enemies through the smoke like an x-ray vision while enemies and blinded by the smoke.

However, if you use the smoke bomber against the enemies who are also equipped with the smoke bomber, they can also see you and your teammates who are inside the smoke. Likewise, what advantages does a smoke bomber gives you over other classes? Can you use a smoke bomber to counter other classes? Let’s find out how effective the new BR class, Smoke Bomber against the other BR classes.

Smoke Bomber vs Clown

Clown is the BR class which summons the zombies to attack the nearby enemies. So, what if an enemy is trying to attack you with their zombies, will the Smoke bomber help you to distract the enemies and their zombies?

Unfortunately, the zombies can easily find you through the smoke which is generated by the smoke bomber class. So, even if the enemy can’t see your location in the smoke, his zombies will come after you which will reveal your location.

Smoke Bomber vs Trickster

Trickster BR class uses two holographic decoys to distract the enemies while giving a speed boost to the person who has equipped it.  Hence, they may hear enemy foots steps easier than the other players as well. So, the big question is “Will the smoke bomber going to help us to find the actual player from their holographic decoys?

Again, the Smoke bomber will fail you against the Trickster. Because you may see all two holographic decoys as the same as the actual enemy in the smoke.  So, the Smoke bomber is not effective against a trickster user.

Smoke Bomber vs Defender Shield

If the enemy uses the defender shield against you when you both are in the smoke, you will be flashed just like in normal circumstances. But this would not help the enemy as the enemy still won’t be able to find you in the smoke. So the smoke bomber is useful against the defender shield.

Smoke Bomber vs Scout

The Scout BR class shoots a sensor dart to the floor or an object. This dart scans the area around it and reveals the nearby enemies on the mini-map. What if an enemy is using the scout against you? Will the Scout reveal your location through the smoke?

Once the enemy shoots the dart your location will be revealed in red coloured even through the smoke. But fortunately, it is only a quick flash. You can easily take cover inside the smoke afterwards. So, the smoke bomber is somewhat effective against the scout.

Smoke Bomber vs Trap Master

The Trap Master routes a high voltage current line and damages the enemies who are passing through the electric fence. So, would the smoke bomber be able to see the trap master current lines through the smoke?

Unfortunately, the smoke bomber is not effective at all against the trap master. At least you might see the little poles of the current line in normal circumstances. And if you get caught, your location will be notified to the enemy with the yellow circle above you even with the smoke cover.

Smoke Bomber vs Mechanic

The mechanic BR class calls an EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) drone that does an EMP interference to the enemies within 80 meters. It disables the enemy’s vision and movement for a few seconds and reveals the enemy’s location. 

So, will the smoke bomber help us to escape from these annoying drones? The good news is yes. The enemy drone will not be able to locate you through the smoke bomber smokes. If you see an enemy drone coming toward you, quickly use the smoke bomber. The drone will go somewhere else. Even if you get out of your smoke cover, the drone will not come for you until all the smoke disappear. It seems like the Mechanic Drone is locating the enemies based on the vision.

Smoke Bomber vs Poltergeist

When you activate the smoke bomber, the enemy might use poltergeist to be invisible and to run away. Don’t worry, even though you no longer see the enemy in red colour, you can easily spot the enemy in white colour. In fact, we believe smoke bomber makes the poltergeist user more visible with all the smoke around them.

Smoke Bomber vs Smoke Bomber

All the advantages of the smoke bomber are zero against an enemy who is also using the smoke bomber BR Class. Because you and the enemy both will see each other through the smoke no matter who activated the class skill.

Smoke Bomber vs Smoke Grenades

Another big advantage of the smoke bombers is, that you will be able to spot the enemy in red colour when they use smoke grenades for cover. You can also simply use smoke grenades instead of smoke bombers to spot the enemy. The only difference is that it does not slow down your enemies. This will come in handy when the enemy uses smoke grenades for cover to revive his teammates. You will be able to spot them and kill them easily.

Watch this video to learn more about the Smoke Bomber class,

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