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Updated on 20/07/26

Armour Plates in BR Mode

Armour plates will be available in the COD Mobile Season 9 BR mode. Players will be able to collect any amount of armour plates but can only equip one at a time. These armour plates will help players to recover their vests once they are damaged. A single armour plate will increase the vest’s health by 50%.

Weapons Come With Attachments

In COD Mobile season 9, players do not have to search everywhere for the attachments anymore. The weapons will be available as common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. Hence each gun will come with its own attachments. The number of pre-equipped attachments will vary according to the level of the weapon. And you can’t change any of these attachments. If you want to change them, you have to pick a whole new weapon with different attachments.

  • Common (Silver color) single attachment
  • Uncommon (Green color) 2 attachments
  • Rare (Blue color) 3 Attachments
  • Epic (Purple color) 4 attachments
  • Legendary (Golden color) 5 attachments

Perks in BR Mode

There will be a few different types of perk attachments in BR mode. Players can equip them for different purposes such as dead silence, reducing recoil, increasing damage or increasing fire range etc. These perks are also categorized as common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. You can equip one per gun.

Legendary weapon kills effects in BR

Good news for BR players that own legendary weapon skins. Now kill effect of these legendary skins will be displayed just like in Multiplayer modes.

Customized Airdrop Picks

Now players can pre-customize up to 5 weapons just like in Multiplayer mode. Customized weapons can be obtained by airdrops. However, you can pick only one weapon. The squad can pick one for each in one airdrop.

No More Ammo Issue in BR Mode

Now the categories of the ammo are divided into the type of the weapons. They do not come based on the size of the ammo anymore. There will be 5 types of ammo which are, Heavy (for ARs and LMGs), Sniper, Light (for SMGs), Shotgun and Rockets.

Brand New Map Areas in BR Mode

There will be brand new areas on the Battle Royale map.

  • Radar Base
  • Camp
  • Dormitory

Hacker Battle Royale Class

The upcoming hacker class will scan all nearby enemies one by one and disable their mini maps. However, this is a bit time-consuming task as you have to scan the enemies one by one to disable their maps. So, the players have to ensure that they are in a safe place before starting to hack the enemies.

Brand new 3 Multiplayer Maps

The COD Mobile Ranked Season 6 will introduce 3 new maps called, Pines, shipments and terminal. The Pines and Shipment maps are small in size which will suitable for 1vs1 or the 2vs game modes while the terminal map is featuring a very large airport. This may come as a rank map as well. Moreover, it is suitable for any game mode.

Brand new weapon

There is a logging reward event in the test server. On the third day, players can obtain a weapon which is not currently available in the game.

Updated on 20/07/17

Activision released their first beta test server for Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile on Reddit (7/16/2020). Now you can simply download the test server from the link given below. However, it is only available for the first 40,000 android users only. So some of you may not be able to gain access to the test server. Anyway, let’s find out what’s new on the Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 test server.

New Lobby Screen

It is rumoured that the theme of season 9 will be World War 2. So the main lobby is designed to go with that theme.

Season 9 Test Server Call of Duty Mobile Lobby Screen

New Multiplayer Lobby and Emotes.

The Multiplayer lobby is also redesigned with a background of a firing range map. The friends’ list is swapped sides with the events detail icons. Also now the players can use the emotes in the lobby just by tapping the icon beside the IGN.

A Whole New Loadout

The loadout section is new in season 9. Activision finally added more load-outs in Multiplayer mode. There are 10 loadout options that you can easily swap between. This would be a huge convenience as players can now easily test new weapons without replacing or losing their existing optimised loadouts.

You can simply switch between MP loadout and BR loadout as well.

Season 9 Test Server Call of Duty Mobile Loadouts

Weapons Categorised by Names

The interface of the loadout is changed. Hence the selection of the weapons is categorised according to the name of the weapon. Previously players had to browse through all the skins to select a specific weapon skin. Now the new loadout section allows users to select the weapon and then select the desired gun skin.

Season 9 Test Server Call of Duty Mobile Weapon Categories

New Gunsmith Mode

This might be the most exciting feature ever. The gunsmith feature allows users to fully customise their weapons according to their own preferences. The players are given numerous attachment variations for each weapon. For example, M4 has 5 Barrels, 5 Foregrips, 3 Laser sights and 17 Optics to choose from. Each attachment has its own advantages and disadvantages. These are mentioned when you are going to switch between them.

Other than that you can customise the crosshair of the scope, and equip stickers and ornaments. Also, there is so many weapon camos you can get by grinding.

Hence you can select the gun skin (Blueprint) through the gunsmith screen. And it’s no longer required to level up each weapon skin to unlock attachments. Once you max out the base version, all attachments are available for every skin of that weapon.

Season 9 Test Server Different Weapon camo Call of Duty Mobile.png

Attachments Recommendation

You might find it difficult to select the best attachments for a weapon since there are so many to choose from. But don’t worry. Each weapon comes with three recommended attachment combinations. Each recommended list shows what are the advantages players are going to get with each set of attachments.

Season 9 Test Server Different Attachment Recommendations Call of Duty Mobile
Season 9 Test Server Different Attachment Recommendations Call of Duty Mobile
Season 9 Test Server Different Attachment Recommendations Call of Duty Mobile

New Operator Skill – Equalizer

A new operator skill “Equalizer” will come in season 9. This is a dual integrated machine gun with built-in suppressor close quarters combats.

New Three Perks

There will be new three brand new perks on Season 9. The new red perk will be “The Restock” perk which recharges equipment over 20 seconds. Replenish 1 extra combat Axe as well.

The new green perk will be “The Amped” which allows players to take advantage of faster weapons swap and launchers reload speed. But this would not be valid swapping to pistol and melee weapons.

The blue perk is going to be “The high alert perk” Which will be a huge advantage in the game. This makes your vision pulse when enemies outside of your viewers see you. Mark enemy and their equipment, score streaks by aiming down sight.

New Scorestreak – Shield Turret

The upcoming scorestreak on season 9 is the Shield Turret. This scorestreak will be activated at 300 points which makes it the quickest or the cheapest scorestreak you can gain.

Here is a game-play of Shield Turret from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

Apart from that the Molotov Cocktail is removed from the scorestreaks section and moved it to the lethal weapons section.

Thermite Lethal Weapon

A new lethal weapon “Thermite” will be introduced in season 9. This violently burns for a period of time upon impact. It sticks to any surface of the wall and ground.

Season 9 Test Server Call of Duty Mobile Thermite Lethal weapon

Game Mode Selection

The test server allows players to select their preferred game modes and filter them. So, the players may not have to play the game modes that they are not good at or hate. For example, some players may hate the search and destroy game mode. So, they can filter it not to be on their ranked or public games modes. But this is shown as a temporary option

Season 9 Test Server Call of Duty Mobile rank selection mode

New Battle Royale Class – Hacker

The new Battle Royale Class “Hacker” will be introduced in Season 9. This class disables or blackout the mini-map of all the enemies, and prevent them from using gadgets. Hence the mini-map will of the player who is equipped with the hacker class will not be interrupted by the enemy hackers.

Season 9 Test Server Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Hacker Class

Show Vest Style

The hide vest option is renewed. Now it comes with three options. You can hide all vests, only show vests of only others or show vests of you and others.

Moreover, the following contents are leaked by the Youtubers and the data miners.

Jungle Event

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Jungle event

A New BR Map

A new BR map called ” Alcatraz” is coming to Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale game mode. However, this map is relatively smaller. So it might come specifically for 20 vs 20 warfare mode.

New Multiplayer Maps

A new set of multiplayer maps are expected to be released on Season 9/10. According to data miners, these maps will be Terminal, Pine, Rebirth and Breakdown.

Here are map layouts of 3 of these maps. Credits – MURDABLAST YT

multiplayer map CODM Season 9 test server
multiplayer map CODM Season 9 test server
multiplayer map CODM Season 9 test server

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