Call of Duty Mobile Season 09 Leaks

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The 3rd Public Beta Test Server update was released and we were able to have a sneak peek into what to expect in the upcoming season 09.

Moreover, the COD Mobile players were eagerly waiting for the Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 on the 6th of August. But unfortunately, season 9 is delayed due to heavy and Complex changes such as Gunsmiths that are coming in season 9. The daily login time is extended by around 6 days.

So the daily login rewards will expire between the 12-15th of August. Therefore we can expect the Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 to be Started on August 16th.

COD Mobile Season 9 Release Date

Season 9 will arrive between the 12-15th of August and Rank Season Starts on the 16th of August 2020.

Season 9 Theme

We already know that season 09 will be based on World War II. The name of the season will be “Conquest”.

Call of duty mobile season 09
Call of duty mobile season 09

Brand New Weapon

In the last community update (July 31st), the Call of Duty Mobile team said that the brand new is an entirely new type of weapon. Well, it seems to be the brand new weapon is non-other than the Kar 98k. Kar 98k (Karabiner 98k) is perhaps the most featured weapon in all of Call of Duty. This weapon is categorised as a Marksman Riffle and you can obtain it via the season 09 battle pass.

Call of Duty Mobile Kar98k
Call of Duty Mobile Kar98k

Battle Pass Characters

There will be 4 soldiers’ skins in the Season 09 battle pass just like in season 08. These characters are (from left to right),

  • Lev Kravchenko – Soviet Dragon
  • Viktor Reznov
  • Nikto – Stronghold
  • Edward Richtofen
Battle Pass Skins on Season 9 COD Mobile

Other Battle Pass Rewards  

These are other rewards found on the battle pass. Looks like we can collect new scorestreak “Shield Turret” for free from battle pass.

Call of duty mobile season 9 battle pass

Rank Rewards  

Following will be the Multiplayer and Battle Royale rank rewards in the upcoming ranked season 06.

Call of Duty Mobile Rank season 06 Rewards

Here is the trailer for rank season 06.
Credits – @CODM_murdablast

New Rank Season 6 trailer
Released by official Vietnamese CODM— CODM – Season 5 Tropical vision (@CODM_murdablast) August 6, 2020

Backpack Skins

A set of brand new backpack skins are leaked by data miners.

COD MOBILE Season 9 Backpack Skins.jpg
COD MOBILE Season 9 Backpack Skins.jpg

Gun & Weapon Skins

A full list of the upcoming weapons skins is leaked by the data miners.

Weapon Skin COD Mobile Season 9.jpg
Weapon Skin COD Mobile Season 9.jpg
Weapon Skin COD Mobile Season 9.jpg
Weapon Skin COD Mobile Season 9.jpg
Weapon Skin COD Mobile Season 9.jpg

A basic version of the Razorback will be coming to the Global Version of COD Mobile as a level-up reward. The Razorback (Which has the exact PDW-57 stats) will be available at level 55. Hopefully, there will be no basic level reset, and the players who have reached the 150 or over 55 levels will get this once the new season starts.

COD MOBILE Season 9 Razorback gun at level 55.jpg

The Haymaker 12 from BO3 was also found in in-game files.

Haymaker 12 from BO3.Jpg

Final versions of the grindable weapon camos (gold, platinum and Damascus) have been also leaked.

Call of Duty mobile weapon camo

Remodelled Weapons

There will be some remodelled weapon bodies. So far the data miners have found new weapon bodies of the Pharo and the Chopper gun.

New and Remodeled Chopper Skin COD Mobile Season 9

The New Battle Royale Victory Screen

At the end of the Battle Royale games, players will be given details of their activities throughout the match.

COD Mobile Season 9 Battle Royale

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