Poltergeist vs Other Battle Royale Classes

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The newest Battle Royale class Poltergeist was released on May 22nd 2020. Players were given the opportunity to unlock it by completing a few BR tasks. Poltergeist allows your character to be invisible for a few seconds once activated.

Call of Duty Mobile Poltergeist Class

However, there are a few important things you should know about the new Battle Royale class. First, your character won’t be able to be 100% invisible to enemies once activated. There is an invisible cloak effect (refer to the image below) on the character and an enemy with a good eye will detect you easily.

Call of Duty Mobile Poltergeist Class Invisible effect

When you activate the poltergeist class, the nearby enemies will be alerted. So, keep in mind that enemies will be extra careful when you are using it.

Call of Duty Mobile Poltergeist Radar alerts indicator

One of the biggest downsides of the class is you cannot use weapons once you activate the ability. Well, actually you can. But your invisibility will be disabled once you started shooting. Running, sliding, and jumping won’t make the ability disappear. If the enemy somehow manages to spot you and start shooting, you will take damage as usual. But your ability will not be disabled.

So how effective is Poltergeist when we compare it with other classes? Can we counter it with other classes? Let’s find out.

Poltergeist vs Mechanic

When you activate Poltergeist, enemy drones won’t be able to detect and reveal your position. So, the Poltergeist is useful to counter enemy drones. However, once your invisibility is gone, enemy drones will detect you as usual.

Poltergeist vs Scout

Scout class will reveal your location as usual even if you activate Poltergeist. And your footprints will be visible to the enemy who uses scout class. But since you are invisible it will be harder for them to find you.

Poltergeist vs Clown

Enemy zombies (Clown) won’t be able to find and attack you, once you have activated the Poltergeist class.  So, when you need to heal quickly after a gunfight and there are enemies’ zombies chasing you, simply activate Poltergeist class and you don’t have to worry about zombies anymore.

Poltergeist vs Trap Master

You won’t be able to skip enemy electric trip wires when you are using Poltergeist. However, your invisibility won’t be disappeared once you get caught in these traps. But it will slow you down and the enemy will be notified of your location.

Poltergeist vs Defender

Defender shield is the best Battle Royale class to use against the Poltergeist. When an enemy uses the defender, you will be flashed and your invisibility will disappear immediately. In simple words, Poltergeist is useless against the defender’s shield.

Poltergeist class does not have an effect on other BR classes, Medic, Ninja and Trickster.

These are the things you should know about Poltergeist Battle Royale Class. This class comes in handy when you want to escape a gunfight or collect your teammate’s dog tags without being detected by your enemies. Other than that, it doesn’t have a special advantage when compared with other classes.

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