Operator Skills of Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer

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Operator Skill in Call of Duty Mobile plays a vital role. It is the best method to kill a bunch of enemies in a short period of time. And if used correctly you can turn around a losing match to a winning match in a matter of seconds.

Operator skills are only available on COD Mobile Multiplayer match mode. These operator skills take a few minutes to charge up. The charge-up time is depend on the skills of the player, how faster the player gets kills and complete the objectives inside the game. Once it is activated, the players can use the skill by tapping on the operator skill button.

There are multiple operator skills which you can select before starting the multiplayer matches. You can also select five different operator skills for your 5 load-outs. Each operator skill comes with a different weapon that the players can choose based on their play style.

In this article, we are expecting to guide you through each of these operator skills.

Ballistic Shield

Ballistic Shield is the first operator skill work as both defensive and offensive operator. The defensive shield will provide cover from the enemy while the integrated pistol allows you to shoot at enemies.

The integrated pistol has a magazine capacity of 100 rounds and high fire rate and damage are effective to take down your enemies quickly. Ballistic shield will not protect you from enemy Frag grenades, Sticky grenades, Trip mines, Launchers and Molotov. Also it cannot cover you from explosive operator skills such as War machine, Sparrow and Gravity Spikes. But it is effective against Annihilator, Purifier and Death machine and you will gain points for taking damage from those enemy operator skills.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills Ballistic Shield Operator Skill


Equalizer is a dual integrated machine guns that enables you to take down your enemies with non-stop stream of bullets. High agility of this operator skill makes it more suitable for close quarter battles. The biggest downside of Equalizer is the duration. If you keep shooting with the equalizer, it will run out of bullets in 4 to 5 seconds as of the time of writing.

When it comes to using against other operator skills and scorestreaks, you can takedown Sentry guns, SAM Turrets and XS1 Goliaths. But against Transform shields, Stealth choppers and VTOLs, Equalizer is not much effective.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills Equalizer Operator Skill

Katana / Shadow Blade

This operator skill was initially released as Katana, but in season 9 it was changed as Shadow Blade. Shadow Blade is one of the most unique operator skill in the game. It uses a sword that can kills enemies with a single swing.

Once activated you will automatically switch to 3rd person perspective and it will gives you a smoke cover. It has its own movements. Shadow blades will notify when it is locked on to an enemy similar to the annihilator, and once you touch the shoot button your character will kill the enemy with a cool movement. However this operator skill is not so effective using against enemy scorestreaks.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills Katana Shadow Blade Operator Skill

Purifier – H2O

Purifier H2O was the first ever legendary operator skill released in Call of Duty Mobile. This is much more similar to normal Purifier, but it shoots water instead of fire. Purifier H2O is suitable in close quarter encounters as it is incapable of killing enemies at long range.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills Purifier H2O Operator Skill


Annihilator pistol allows you to get multiple kills in a short period of time. Shots from the pistol is so powerful that you can kill an enemy with a single shot no matter the distance. A red diamond will appear along with a sound once you locked into an enemy and all you have to do is shoot. Annihilator can shoot through walls and you can destroy enemy UAVs, XS1 Goliath, Transform shields and even Vtol warships easily with it.

Annihilator is also available in Battle Royale from Airdrops. It uses pistol ammos in BR.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills Annihilator Operator Skill


The tempest is a weapon which fires a bolt of lightning at the enemies. This gun can be used to attack enemies at any range and it takes few seconds to set on the target before firing the lightning bolt.

However you can only shoot the lightning bolt at only one enemy at a time. But the plus point is, you can use it to damage multiple enemies as the lightning bolt can pass to other nearby enemies.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills Tempest Operator Skill


The sparrow will shoot blasting arrows at enemies. You can change the range by drawing the sparrow a few seconds longer. The longer you hold the fire button, further the arrow travels. One right shot will kill an enemy quickly. You can use this to destroy enemy UAVs, counter UAVs, stealth choppers and V-tols as well.

Hopefully, the upcoming PS5 controller may give a great new game play experience for controller players who uses the sparrow. Because of the PS5 controller’s new dual sense and haptic buttons, the players may experience the vibrations when they draw a sparrow.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills 
 Sparrow Operator skill

Gravity Spikes

Gravity spikes can be used to cause massive damage to nearby enemies. But this operator skill can be used one at a time. Once the fire button is pressed, the player will jump and hit the ground with the gravity spikes to cause damage to multiple enemies nearby you. It creates a mini earthquake effect on the enemies.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills 
 Gravity Spikes Operator Skill


The H.I.V.E operator skill is the same as a trip mine. You can use this operator skill to place traps. Once an enemy comes closer the trap, it will be triggered and the insects kind of creatures will attack the enemy to kill. These balls (traps) can be stick into any surface such as vehicles, walls or to the ground.

You can only use six bullets per activation. And an enemy can destroy these traps by shooting at them. Therefore you have to place these traps strategically to get kills.

There is one drawback with the HIVE operator skill. You cannot identify whether it is your trap or enemy trap. Sometimes you may walk into an enemy trap by thinking it’s a trap placed by your teammates.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills 
HIVE Operator Skill

War Machine

War machine operator skill is not only available in the Multiplayer game mode. It is available on the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Mode at aerial platform and in airdrops.

The war machine is a fully automated grenade launcher which causes massive damage on enemies. The firing range is medium, and the damage is high. This grenade launcher is perfect to kill few enemies at once and you can guarantee a one shot kill unless the enemy is having flak jacket perk. 

Just like the sparrow you can use it to destroy enemy UAVs, counter UAVs, stealth choppers and V-tols as well and it is the best weapon to use against an enemy XS1 Goliath. Be careful when using it in super close range as it can kill both you and your enemy.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills 
War Machine Operator Skill


The purifier is a flamethrower that kills your enemies by setting them on fire. This gun blasts a stream of fire within a close range. Once it is activated, you can select it and hold down the fire button to attack the enemies.

The only negative point is that this operator skill is useful in short-range attacks where your enemy is a few steps ahead of you. Therefore, the purifier is suitable for indoor attacks when your enemy has nowhere to escape.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills 
 Purifier Operator Skill

Transform Sheild

The transform shield is a great defence method to use when you have no place to get cover. The transform shield is also available in the Battle Royale classes section. The transform shield is useful in hardpoint matches when there are multiple entrances to a building as you can cover one door and pay attention to the other entrances to defend the hardpoint. And it is useful to get cover when capturing a point in domination matches.

There will is quick flash when the shield is deployed. It will blind the enemies in the short-range for few seconds which will give you a chance to kill them while they are disoriented. The defence shield cannot be used to cause damage to the enemies.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills  Transform Shield Operator Skill

Death Machine

Death Machine is a min machine gun. This mini machine gun was called “Scythe” back in Call of Duty Mobile Season 1. This gun has a high fire rate which kills enemies easily. This gun is suitable to attack multiple enemies at once. The moving speed of the player is drastically reduced when using the death machine. But you can kill multiple enemies easily with right movements.

The accuracy of the death machine will increase with time. Therefore, hold up the fire button a few seconds before you enter the fight against your enemies. It will ensure the aiming accuracy to get the kills before you get killed.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills Death Machine Operator Skill

Whichever operator skill you use you need to master the perfect time to use it. Sometimes players waste their operator skill by activating it just before the end of the first round in domination matches. For operator skills like a sparrow, the war machine, and the death machine, use it when you have an online UAV. You can kill distanced enemies before they even realize with the assist of UAV. Use H.I.V.E to set traps in host-spots such as hardpoints, A, B, and C points in domination matches and famous camping spots and head glitches. These will guarantee you easy kills.

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