Is Cordite the Best Sub Machine Gun (SMG) on COD Mobile?

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Cordite SMG (sub-machine gun) was released as the second brand new weapon of Call of Duty Mobile season 6. The gun is currently available only for Multiplayer game modes. It was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

There are two methods to unlock this brand-new weapon. You can get the legendary “Zero-G” version from the “Void Lucky Draw” which will cost you some money. But it is also available for those who don’t want to spend money on the “Gunslinger” seasonal event.

Cordite Gun Call of Duty Mobile

So how good is Cordite compared to current SMGs inside the game?

Here is a stats comparison between all SMGs (we did not include Razorback as it is not available for free).

Best Guns in COD mobile

The standout feature of the Cordite is its mobility. It has the same mobility as MSMC and Chicom. Cordite has the second-best accuracy (58) of all SMGs behind Chicom, GKS and HG 40. And when you compare all other features, Cordite places in the top 3 of every aspect apart from Damage.

But when it comes to measuring the performance of any gun these stats don’t give an accurate picture. We must consider needing other in-game factors such as Recoil of the gun, Time to kill, Ammo capacity, and other factors.

Cordite has a little bit of vertical recoil. But the good thing is it doesn’t kick side to side like some other guns. So, with a foregrip, you can manage the recoil efficiently. Cordite has a magazine size of 40 and you can increase it to 48 with an extended mag. It has a relatively slower ADS time compared to other SMGs (PDW and RUS). So, a quickdraw will help to boost its ADS time. The tight Hip fire spread even without a Laser Sight is another hidden but standout feature of Cordite. If you hip fire a lot you are going to love this weapon.

Cordite seems to be a decent weapon to use in Multiplayer mode and it is a good replacement for your current go-to SMG. So, we suggest you try out the weapon and decide.

If you want to know more details about the gun, check the following video,

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