Protect Your Call of Duty Mobile Account From Hackers?

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We are hearing more and more Call of Duty Mobile players complaining that their accounts getting hacked. Recently hackers found a way to use social accounts details (Facebook) of players to hack their accounts. They will use your login details, hack your account and will kick you out from your account. You will lose your progress and everything of the game. Look at the following screenshot, this was posted on Reddit.

How to unlink Facebook from COD Mobile

The main reason behind these hacks is linking your Call of Duty Mobile account with Facebook. At the global launch of the game, Facebook was the main option to create a Call of Duty Mobile game profile. But with the start of season 2, players were given an option to create an Activision (COD) account. A Free Outrider Arctic character skin was given as a reward for linking the accounts with a COD Account. But many newcomers to the game still use Facebook to link the game.

So, if you your Facebook account is still linked to the COD Mobile game, it is time to remove it. Let us guide you step by step on how to unlink social accounts from COD Mobile game.

  • First, log into the game and see if there is an option to link the game to the COD account (Only for the players who didn’t link earlier).
  • Create and Link the game to the COD Companion account. Now it should look like below image.
How to unlink Facebook from COD Mobile
  • Uninstall the COD Mobile game from your phone.
  • Uninstall the Facebook app from your phone.
  • Install the COD Mobile game and COD companion Account app from the play store or the Apple store.
  • Open the COD Companion app and log into your COD account.
How to unlink Facebook from COD Mobile game and use Call of Duty Companion App
  • Open the COD Mobile game and select the COD Companion option to log into the game.
  • Now your account is safe. Don’t forget to install your Facebook App again.

Please watch the following video for the video tutorial.

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