How to stop cod mobile device overheating

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Most of us have device overheating issues while we play the COD mobile. This has been an issue since season 1, and most players complain about this every now and then.

If your phone is always overheating while you play the game, it can negatively affect the life of your device. When the phone is extremely hot, it can cause unexpected shutdowns, COD mobile app shut down and crashes, faster battery drains or your screen getting less responsive. The worst thing is, that it can melt down the CPU of the device as there is a certain limit on the temperature that the CPU (Central Processing Unit) can handle.

There can be different reasons for device overheating. In this article, we are going to explain how to prevent or control the overheating issue while you play your favourite COD mobile game.

Close All Apps Before Launching the Game

Do you run multiple apps on your phone at once? If so, there will be a large number of background apps running even when you use only a single app. This will eat up the phone’s RAM. Those background apps may cause you to drain your battery faster and will end up getting your phone overheated.

So, if you launch the Call of Duty Mobile game while having a ton of background apps, your phone will get hot quickly. Therefore, keep in mind to clear the unnecessary background app before launching the game.

Call of Duty Mobile Overheating

Reduce the Brightness Level

Did you know that when you increase the brightness level of the display, your phone is more likely to get warmer? We recommend you set the brightness level between 40% to 50%. There are anti-glare screen covers available in the market. They will help you to see the phone screen without any difficulties even at a lower brightness level.

Some of you may think, that using the auto-brightness mode will help. But it will consume more battery of your phone. As you may already know, the auto-brightness mode uses the proximity sensor of your phone to adjust the brightness. This sensor will use more battery when you have enabled the auto-brightness mode. So, disable auto-brightness mode before launching the game.

Call of Duty Mobile Overheating

Set Graphics settings to Low or Medium

Your phone will overheat when you play the COD Mobile on high graphic settings and high frame rates. So, we recommend you to play the game in either Medium or Low graphic mode. Playing on high graphics will cause lagging issues as well.  Follow these steps to set your game to the Lowest or Medium graphic settings.

  1. Go to Settings (Click on the Top right comer cogwheel).
  2. Select Audio & graphics.
  3. Set all the graphics settings to low
  • Graphics Quality – Low
  • Frame Rate – Low
  • Bloom – Disable
  • Real-Time Shadow – Disable
  • Ragdoll – Disable
  • BR Mode Graphics Settings – Realistic
  • Adjust Screen – Auto Adjust

Remove the Phone Case

You can simply remove the phone case while you play the game. When you use a phone case, it is less likely for your phone to get enough air to cool it down itself. Ordinary mobile phones don’t have special air vents and cooling systems like on gaming phones. When you remove the case, it will allow your phone to get more air and maintain the temperature at a lower level.

Use an Ice Pack or a Mini Fan

Most of the Pro COD mobile Players recommend using an ice pack while playing. You can make a small ice pack yourself at home. Use a small plastic bag and fill it with a few ice cubes. Seal it well to prevent your phone from getting wet. Or else, you can purchase an Ice wrap gel pack from your local drug store or order online.

Now place your phone on the ice pack while you play the game for a few seconds, take it back and play again. Repeat this process frequently. It might be a bit hard to get breaks when you are in the heat of the battle.  Therefore, you can use a rubber band to hold the ice pack behind the phones while playing.

Moreover, you can attach a mini fan to the rear of your phone. These fans are available at very cheap prices.  If you do not have a mini fan, set your room fan directed at your phone while you play. It will provide enough air to help your phone to maintain a low-temperature level and prevent getting overheated.

Fix cod mobile overhearing issues

Update Your Smartphone OS

Application and Operation system bugs can drain the battery faster and overheat your phone. Therefore keep them updated regularly.

Hence, you can also uninstall all the apps you have not used for the last 30 days. If you haven’t used an app for 30 days, it is more likely that you will never use them again. Therefore uninstalling them will give better performances and prevent overheating while you play COD Mobile.

Keep in mind that maintaining the temperature of your phone is important for better Call of Duty Mobile gameplay and for a better life for your phone. Therefore try one or a few of the tips mentioned above that suit your phone better. GG!

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