How to Play COD Mobile Like a Pro

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It is not that hard to become a better player in Call of Duty Mobile. You just have to know every little thing that makes you better in the game and apply them in your gameplay. We will provide some tips which help you to become better in COD mobile. Though this article is dedicated to the Call of Duty Mobile Players, these tips will be ideal for any game player such as PUBG mobile, Fortnite mobile and Freefire, etc.

Choose the Best Guns

Choosing the right gun for the right game mode is a really important factor. Because the same gun would perform differently in different game modes.

For example, the ASM10 gun is one of the best guns that many pro players recommend for Season 5 Multiplayer mode games.  But it is an underperforming gun in the Battle Royale Mode. Therefore You have to know which gun is the best for each game mode.

Apart from that, you need to consider map characteristics in Multiplayer matches. As the features of the map are different from one to another and the guns you select need to be different. Therefore we suggest you decide your 5 loadouts appropriately to match each map.

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Watch Pro Gameplays

Watching the gameplays of the pro players would come in handy. Because you can learn many things about the game including movements, strategies and other important details of the game. These pro players will share their secrets, movement tips, weapon tips, and other tips and tricks.

One of the best players to watch Call of Duty Mobile is IFerg. You will find some amazing content on his Youtube channel which would help you to become a better player.

Know the Objective of Each Game Mode

Still, Some of the players doesn’t have a clue on what are the objectives of each game mode. Yes, the number of kills matters. But no matter how good you are at killing the enemies, you could still lose. You know why? Because each multiplayer game mode in Call of Duty Mobile has different objectives.

  • Team Death Match (TDM) – There are two parts to TDM. Getting kills and not giving away kills for the enemy team. Most players forget about the second part. Make sure to survive and obtain scorestreaks as they are important to win TD Matches. Avoid gunfights you cant win. The best way to win TDM is to camp instead of running around. But make sure to switch your positions instead of camping in the same location.
  • Search & Destroy – In S&D you don’t respawn after being killed in a single round. So surviving is important. Hence your objective is either placing the bomb or defusing the bomb. Keep an eye on places where enemies are most likely to appear. Also, team communication is a must for S&D. Keep an eye on the bomb carrier as well. Protect him when planting the bomb. Use smoke grenades and trophy systems.
  • HardpointsIn Hardpoint game modes, you will be given a point for every second when your team occupies the hardpoint. You cant win hardpoint matches by just killing enemies. Therefore you must focus on capturing hardpoints and then defending it from the enemy team. Once the hardpoint is yours, it will indicate the location in Blue colour. There are 4 or 5 hardpoints on each map. The best strategy is to remember hardpoint rotations in each map. So you where to go to capture the next hardpoint.

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When the current hardpoint is about to end, send some teammates to capture the next hardpoint. Don’t fight to capture a hardpoint when it is about to rotate to the next one. So you can capture it before your enemies even think about it. Use trophy systems, trip mines to defend the hardpoint. Use grenades when the enemy team has captured it. H.I.V.E is one of the best operator skills for hardpoint matches.

Domination – The domination is a bit similar to the hardpoint. It’s all about capturing and securing  A, B or C points.  Many players focus on getting kills rather than capturing objectives. Killing enemies in important but you need to capture objectives before that.

Team synergy and communication are important in Domination. While one or two members capturing a point, the other team members can protect them by keeping an eye on the enemy. Capturing and protecting the B point will be the most important thing in domination matches. Use smoke grenades, trophy systems, and transform shield when capturing.

Never stand still when capturing, go prone as it will make harder for enemy team to kill you. At the start of the match keep only 1 player to capture the home point and try to bomb B point while running towards it.

Once the locations are secured, there is no point of camping on the A, B, or C circles. You have to get kills faster and protect captured points while running around the area or camping in a secure location.

Optimize Your Settings

You must know that default setting are not the best to play the game. With time you may realize that your movements are fewer than the enemies. Sometimes they slide, jump and kill you even before you draw your weapon. That is because they have an easier layout than you. Try to use at least 1 finger along with 2 thumbs. Position your buttons accordingly and play a few matches to memorize the location of each button.

Make sure to have bets sensitivity settings. You have to adjust the sensitivity settings and test until you get the perfect controls.

Select the Right Accessories

Another important thing is to have the right accessories to play Call of Duty Mobile. Device overheating is an issue many players have to deal with. You can use an Ice pack or a mini fan to cool down your device faster. 

Moreover, if you are interested to use PS4 or Xbox One consoles to play, go for it and play the game using the controller. There are many more accessories that you can use to have better gameplay and help you become a better player.

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Know Your Loadout

Knowing the purpose of each item of the loadout is important. In multiplayer game mode, each scorestreak and each operator skill has its benefits.

Hence each scorestreak needs a different number of points in order to be activated. A Shock RC can be activated quickly while a VTOL requires a higher amount of points. Furthermore, you must know when to use each operator skills.

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The perks in multiplayer games play a vital role as well. Each perk has different skills such as silence movements, reduce damage from explosions and fast movements, etc.  But you can select only three perks from each category. So make sure to select the most important ones.

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In the Battle Royale Game Mode, you have to know the pros and cons of each Class.

Play cod Mobile like a pro

Be Familiar With the Maps

One of the most important things is to be familiar with each map. You need to be aware of spawn locations and places enemies are likely to appear to get easy kills. Sometimes you may have to go behind your enemies and kill annoying campers. So knowing every tiny spot of the map is important.

Maps have head glitches and spots which allow you to get covered and attack incoming enemies by taking no or less damage. So knowing these spots in each map is important.

Find a Good Team

A good teammate will help you to win more matches. Some random teammates may even leave during a game. Therefore having a good team which you can rely on is very important specially when you a pushing up ranks in Multiplayer mode.

Hence the communication between the team is important. Because Call of Duty Mobile is about strategies, quick decisions and teamwork. Therefore having clear communication between teammates and act together will help you to win matches easily.

In Battle Royale, make sure the entire team follow the jump leader and land at the same place. Some teammates may jump separately, will not warn you about approaching enemies or communicate their strategies. Instead they will go for individual kills. Try to avoid such teammates. Communicate about ammo requirements and medicine requirements with teammates and share them with eachother if necessary.

Therefore, to become a good player and win the game, we recommend to team up with known players who communicate clearly and wiiling to work as a team.


Practise makes you perfect. No player become pro overnight. Practising movements and aiming are the most important. Try to play with or against with players who are better than you. So you can learn tips from them. If you have a clan or a group of friends, play private room matches with them to practise your movements and other skills.

Maintain Your Health & Better Sleep

You cannot become a better player by sacrificing your health. Therefore you must pay attention to your health often. During gameplay, you only move your fingers while sitting in the same position for several hours. This may cause health issues in future.

To prevent that, you can get small breaks between matches and walk here and there, do some simple exercises and go back to the game. You also have to sit appropriately in a comfortable posture as well.

Finally, you should not sacrifice your sleep to play games. You have to have enough sleep. Otherwise, your body will get tired even during the daytimes and you may not play the game efficiently. A sleepy mood will never help you to win a game.

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