How to Play Capture the Flag Game Mode in Call of Duty Mobile?

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Call of Duty Mobile Wild West AKA Once Upon a Time in Rust season features a brand-new multiplayer game mode which is Capture The Flag (CTF) / Capture The Gold. During this season you will have gold instead of a flag to capture to go with the wild west theme. From this article, we will tell you all the things you need to know about this game mode.

There is one flag base (gold depositor) for each team. A team has to capture the flag (gold) from the enemy base (gold depositor) and return them to the home base to score a point. There are 2 four-minute rounds. The first team to capture and return the flag (gold) 3 times successfully will win around.

If any team couldn’t capture the flag 3 times before the time limit, the team with most captures will win the round. Team with most round wins will win the match or match will end up in a draw based on the results of each round.

  1. You have to protect your pot of gold.
  2. You have to bring the enemy gold and place it on your pot of gold.
  3. If the enemies are running away with your gold, you cannot place the gold that you have stolen from the enemies.
  4. So you have to steal enemy gold and protect your gold at the same time.
  5. Once an enemy has stolen your gold, it will be shown on the map in red color.
  6. If the enemy team has stolen your gold, you have to kill them before they reach their own pot of gold.
  7. Once you had killed the thief, you have to step on your pot of gold. Then it will be placed at your home base automatically.
  8. You will get an unlimited number of chances to die.
  9. The gold carrier can get extra points for kills.

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