How to Play COD Mobile on PC?

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Playing COD Mobile on PC is the easiest play mode. Call of Duty Mobile has reached a vast global audience within the first year of release. The game won “The Game Award” for the best mobile game in 2019. Even though the COD Mobile game is released for mobile devices, players can play COD Mobile on PC with the official emulator, Gameloop. The Gameloop emulator even supports Google Playstore. Therefore, With the Gameloop emulator, you can play other mobile games such as Freefire and PUBG mobile same as playing cod mobile on pc.

Moreover, some of you may don’t have high specs mobile devices or find it hard to play on a small display. If you are such a player you can try to play the game with Gameloop emulator in high Graphics. It will allow you to have a broad view of the game while controlling the game with your keyboard and mouse. The mouse and the keyboard are the best combinations to aim and shoot an enemy easily when you Play COD Mobile on PC.

There are more emulators that allow you to play COD mobile on PC like Bluestack. But the only emulator backed by Tencent is Gameloop. Therefore we highly recommend you play the COD Mobile using the Gameloop emulator as using other emulators may cause bans inside the game. Follow these steps to download and install a Gameloop emulator and COD mobile to your PC.

Download and Install the Gameloop Emulator on PC

Click on the following button to download the emulator to play COD Mobile on PC.

Download and Install Call of Duty Mobile App

Once you have installed the Gameloop emulator, it will automatically download the COD Mobile game. If it doesn’t start automatically, search the COD mobile on the search bar and click on the download button.

cod mobile on pc

Click on the COD Account Icon

cod mobile on pc

Sign Up or log in to your COD Account and Play COD Mobile on PC.

cod mobile on pc

Please note that once you started to play with the emulator, you will be only paired with other emulator players on match making. If at least one of your teammate plays on a mobile device, you will be matched with other teams that have a mix of emulator players and mobile players.

Watch the following video tutorial on How to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC.

Play Call of Duty Mobile on Your Android Phone

Play Call of Duty Mobile on Your iPhone

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