How to Level up Weapons Faster in COD Mobile Gunsmith

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 introduced the much anticipated Gunsmith Mode. It is one of the best things introduced to elevate the mobile gaming experience to the next level. Now players can fully customise their weapons with more than 50 different attachments along with the various type of grindable weapon camos, stickers, scope reticles and weapon charms. Each of these attachments can be unlocked by levelling up your weapon. However, levelling up your weapon to the max level will take some time. So here are some tips for you to level up your weapons faster.

First, let’s find out the options available to level up a weapon.

Option 1 – Use Weapon XP Cards

Using weapon XP cards is the easiest way to level up your weapons. If you have enough weapon XP cards, you can unlock all attachments instantly. Hop on to the inventory to check how many weapon XP cards you have. When it comes to the Gunsmith mode you might not have enough XP cards to level up all your weapons to the max level. So, the wise thing to do is, to level up your preferable weapons first.

CAll of Duty Mobile Season 9 Weapon Level Up XP Cards

1Select the gun from the loadout that you need to level up.

HOW to level up weapons Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Weapon Level Up XP Cards

2. Select the upgrade button at the top right corner.

HOW to level up weapons Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Weapon Level Up XP Cards

3. Select use or use max buttons to level up the weapon.

HOW to level up weapons Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Weapon Level Up XP Cards

If you do not have enough Weapon XP cards, you can simply exchange the Credits for weapon XP cards. Let’s see how to get free weapon XP cards with Credits.

Option 2 – Activate Double Weapon XP Cards and Play

This is the other and time-consuming method to level up a weapon. You just have to play, get kills and get weapon XP to level up your weapon. This is the only method if you don’t have enough weapon XP cards.

Luckily there is a quick way to get more weapon XP and thereby level up your weapons faster in Call of duty mobile. There are specific weapon XP cards to use to double or even triple the weapon XP you get from a single match. So let’s find out how to use these cards.

1Activate Double Weapon XP cards from your Inventory.

Go to your inventory. There you will find the following 2 double weapon XP cards.

In this article, we are going to reveal how you can level up your weapons faster even though you don’t have the weapon XP cards to level up the weapon

These two types of Double Weapon XP cards function as follows.

Green cards – Double the amount of weapons XP earned in the next 24 hours.

Blue cards – Double the amount of weapon XP earned in the next 10 matches.

Double weapon XP cards types

Press “Use” to activate these cards. You can equip both types of weapon XP cards at the same time. Once they are activated, it will display in your Multiplayer lobby as follows. As you can see one type of card will increase the weapon XP by 100%. And if you equip both it will increase weapon XP by 200%. Now select a game mode and play.

Double weapon XP cards

2Play featured game modes.

Usually, you can earn more weapon XP by playing featured game modes. Currently, the best game mode is the Shipment 24/7 Featured game mode. You can select this mode on the featured section of the multiplayer. Most of the time you will get the rapid-fire game mode in the Shipment 24/7 map. So, the match duration will be longer which allows you to get more kills than any other game mode.

This method will help you to level up each weapon quickly and it will only take around 6-10 games (depending on the number of kills you get) to fully level up your weapon. This will help massively for the players to max out their weapons and select the best attachments as well as to unlock camos for weapons faster.

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