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How to Get the Free Outrider -Arctic on COD Mobile Game?

We have great news for all COD mobile players. A brand-new free character skin to collect. It is a free soldier skin and, it’s not just any free skin it’s the first free female character skin in the CODM game. That means you do not have to spend money or be lucky in crates opening and lucky draws. All you have to do is link your game with a Call of Duty account. We will guide you step by step to get the free female character. So, let’s see how you can get this.

Click on the option cogwheel in Lobby Screen.

It is the option feature located at the left of your credits [C].

When you click on the option cogwheel, you will see that your Facebook account is linked.

codm Free outrider skin
codm Free outrider skin

Click on the “Linked” Facebook icon.

Once you click on this it will pop up a screen to link the game to a social account. Click on Call of duty button here.

Free CODM Skins
Free CODM Skin

Link your old account or create a new account.

If you already have a Call of Duty Mobile account, log in to it with your email and password. Otherwise, click on create an account. Enter your email, password, your country/region and click on 2 boxes below to accept terms and conditions. Once done, click on sign up.

Free Codm outrider skin

Login to Your Call of Duty Account

Once you have created the account, it will show that your account is linked. Now the game will be rebooted automatically. The game will ask you to log into your account again.

Free skins obtained from codm

Select Call of Duty Login option.

Now select the Call of Duty account Login option on the login screen. Type the email address and password you used to create the account.

CODM login screen

Go to Your Mailbox.

Once logged into the game, go to your game mailbox and open the “COD linking Reward” Message. It will pop up the message which says “your account has successfully linked and all progress will now sync across all devices. Enjoy this outrider arctic cod mobile skin as your reward for linking!”

Codm Mailbox free skin received

Collect the Character Skin.

Click on the golden colour “Claim Reward” button to claim your free outrider arctic cod mobile character skin. Then Select “Tap to continue”.

Claim free codm skin

Equip Your Free Outrider Arctic Skin.

Now go to your loadout screen and equip your brand-new outrider arctic cod mobile female character skin to go to war. GGs.

Equip free codm outrider skin

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