How to Fix COD Mobile Screen Burn-in on Your Mobile?

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AMOLED and OLED displays consume less power and produce rich colours compared to other displays. These capabilities will give you a good gaming experience when you play mobile games like COD Mobile on your phone. However, there is an issue that could arise on your device when you spend a considerable time playing Call of duty mobile which is pretty much unknown in the community. This issue is called screen burn-in or pixel burn.

What is Pixel burn or screen burn-in?

Some elements are constantly displayed on our phone screens repeatedly. For example, the navigation keys and the lock screen clock will be displayed in the same place repeatedly. So, the same LED will be powered while the LED around them is being powered off. As a result, the LED lights which were repeatedly used will lose some of their power after some time. This would not happen instantly and it depends on how often you use your phone.

After a while, you might see prints of these on your display even when you are on a different screen.

How does COD Mobile cause the Pixel Burn?

Playing COD mobile extensively could cause such issues. Especially, the COD Mobile logo placed on the left bottom corner of the in-game screens is the commonly known pixel burn. The logo is bright black and yellow. There are no options to change the location of the logo or hide it. If you are a heavy CODM gamer, the logo will be in the same place on your mobile display every time you play the game. This will use the same lights on the same spot of the display and eventually they will lose power. As a result, the COD Mobile logo will appear on the display even if you are not in the game. You may notice this even when you are on a different app as well.

How to Prevent COD Mobile Screen burn?

There are a few things you can do to prevent screen burn-in. Let’s find out what they are.

1.       Rotate the Phone Screen Often

Switch on the rotation mode on the phone and rotate the phone before you hop on to the next game. This would not guarantee the prevention of pixel burn. But it may at least reduce the risk.

2.       Reduce the Brightness of your Mobile Phone

You can reduce the risk of pixel burning by adjusting the brightness level. You should not crank up the brightness level to the max. If the display brightness is low, the power that goes through these lights is lesser and thereby the color fading is reduced. So, always make sure to set the brightness level to a lower amount or set it to Auto-Brightness.

3.       Reduce the button opacity of the HUD

Yes. Even the control buttons of your HUD (Heads UP display) can leave marks on your mobile screen with the screen burn-in issue. So, when you have good muscle memory, reduce the opacity of the buttons. This will reduce the risk of pixel burning.

4.       Make the COD Developers aware of this issue

Hopefully, COD Mobile developers will be aware of the CODM screen burn-in issue. So, let’s keep letting them know about this issue and ask them to give a solution. For COD mobile logo burn-in, changing the location of the logo, making it transparent, or hiding it completely would prevent the issue.


You can try pixel burn fixing apps available in the apps or google play store or play the following video in full screen to fix the screen burn issue.. However, there is no 100% guarantee that these apps to fix the issue.

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