How To Play Call of Duty Mobile with a PS4 or Xbox One Controller?

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COD mobile added the P 4 and Xbox one controller support back in season 2. If you find it difficult to play with onscreen buttons, you can connect your PS4 or Xbox one controller to your phone and play COD mobile. This controller support is available for all Android phones, Apple iPhones or iPads. Simply follow these steps to connect the controller to your phone or I-pad.

1. Update the operating system of your device. IOS 11 or a newer version or Android 5 or a newer version.

2. Go to the settings on your mobile device and search for Bluetooth settings.

3. Activate Bluetooth on your device and search for new Bluetooth devices.

4. Switch on Bluetooth on your controller (PS4 :- Hold PlayStation Button + Share Button, Xbox one:- Hold Xbox Button + Sync Button).

5. Select the controller from the Bluetooth devices list.

6. Repeat the process if it failed.

7. Open the COD Mobile game and go to “Settings

Play Call of Duty Mobile With A PS4

8. Select the Controller tab. It will show the functions of each key on your controller.

call of duty mobile ps4 controller

9. Select Settings.  It will show that your controller is connected.

call of duty mobile ps4 controller
call of duty mobile ps4 controller

10. Now adjust sensitivity settings according to your preferences and enjoy the game.

Please note that once you started to play with the controller, you will be only paired with players that use controllers on match making. If at least one of your teammate plays with on screen controls, you will be matched with other teams that have a mix of controller players and on screen control players.

Following video guide you on how to connect the controller to COD Mobile game.

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