Hand & Wrist Exercises for Gamers

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You may already experience some pain in your fingers when you continuously play games for a while. This is common with gamers who play mobile games on tablets or mobile phones for hours. You do countless movements in the game with your fingers and probably hold the device in a single posture for a long time. This causes you to feel pain in the joints of your fingers. Sometimes this pain may last for a few hours. Some even experience numbness in their hands.

So, what can we do to eliminate this pain and improve the physical well-being of your fingers and hands? The answer is hand and finger exercises. Let’s find out what are some easy exercises that you can do while playing games. We recommend you to take 3-5 minutes intervals between every 3 hours of playing and do the following exercises and stretches.

Fist and Release

One of the easiest exercises for your hand is making a fist and releasing it. You have to wrap all your fingers around the thumb for 30-60 seconds and release them by spreading the fingers wide. This should be repeated at least 4 times.

Hand & fingers exercise for gamers.png

Stretching Fingers

Next, lay your palms on a flat surface and straighten your fingers gently. Hold the hand for around 60 seconds and repeat it 4 times for both hands.

Hand & fingers exercise for gamers flat palm


The claw stretch exercise will help you to increase the range of your fingers’ motion. Hold your hand and turn the palm toward your face. Now bend your fingers into the base of your finger joints. Your hand should look like a cat is trying to scratch it. Repeat this at least 4 times for each hand. The duration of each claw should be about 30-60 seconds.

Hand & fingers exercise for gamers claw finger

Hold an Object

For this exercise, you need to find a rubber ball or something similar.  Hold the ball in your palm and try to squeeze the ball without dropping it. Repeat this exercise 10 times for each hand.

Hand & fingers exercise for gamers.png hold an object

Fingertips Strengthener

The next exercise is for your fingertips and the muscles of your thumbs. Thumbs are used more than any other fingers in games like PUBG mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and Freefire. You may experience numbness in your thumb after a few hours of play. This fingertips strengthener exercise will help you to use your thumbs more effectively and eliminate the numbness.

For this exercise, we recommend you use a ball of clay or a foam ball. Hold the ball with your fingertips for 30-60 seconds and repeat it 10 times for each hand.

Hand & fingers exercise for gamers.png finger tips strengthner

Lift Your Fingers

This exercise is for improving the range of motion of your fingers. First, place your palms on a table or a flat surface.  Now gently lift one finger at a time as much as possible and then lower it. Continue until you lift and lower all your fingers at once. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Next, Bend the hand up and hold it for 60 seconds.

Hand & fingers exercise for gamers lift fingers

Thumb Strengthening

This exercise is to strengthen the thumb muscles to help you with lifting or holding things. So, you may find it easier to hold your phone for a few hours straight.

First, you have to find a rubber band for this hand exercise. Wrap the rubber band across your palm. Now gently spread and expand your thumb. Hold the spread thumb for 60 seconds and repeat it 10 times for each hand.

Hand & fingers exercise for gamers rubber band exercise

Wrist Strengthening

You have to strengthen your wrist just like your thumbs and fingers. Hold one of your hands out with your palm facing down. Now use your other hand to bend the hand from the wrist area towards your face. Hold the hand in this position for 30-60 seconds and repeat it 10 times for each hand.

Hand & fingers exercise for gamers wrist bend

Thumb Vs Other Fingers

In this exercise, you have to hold your hand in front of your eye level. Now try to touch each finger with your thumbs.  Repeat these 10 times and hold each finger for 30 seconds.

Hand & fingers exercise for gamers toyuch fingertips with thumb

Use Clay

Another interesting exercise for your hands is to play with clay. You can grab some clay and play with them to build things. This would give a fun experience while receiving a proper exercise for your fingers at the same time.

Follow these simple exercises for convenient gameplay for a long time without worrying about the condition of your fingers and hands.

Hand & fingers exercise for gamers.png use clay

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