Full Currency Guide – Apex Mobile

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Apex legend mobile is one of the best upcoming battle royale strategic game. New players may get confused with the in game currency system. Here we bring you the full guide of the apex legend currency system and related items.

Light Crates

Syndicated Gold

The syndicated Gold can only be obtained by topping up with real money. These coins are the premium currency in Apex legends mobile.  The players can purchase premium items in Apex Legends Mobile including followings.

  • Apex Mobile Legends Skins
  • Battle Pass
  •  Light Crates

Apex Mobile Syndicate Gold Store Prices
Apex Mobile Syndicate Gold

Flux Coins

Flux coins are free to be earned. These flux coins can be earned through various events, milestones, mission challenges and battle pass levels. Apex legends mobile have events and missions based on seasonal, weekly and daily basis.

 Players can purchase emotes for legends, trackers, skins for legends, weapon skins and crafting items.

Vault Tokens / Draw Tickets

 The vault tokens can be purchased using the syndicated Gold. Players can use these Vault Tokens / Draw Tickets to spin the lucky draws and Common packs. These vault tokens will be removed after the end of a season.

Apex legends mobile currency guide

EXP Points

The exp points can be earned by playing matches, leveling up players profile and competing missions. This is the most easily earned free currency or the exchange item in Apex legends mobile. Following items can be purchased with these EXP points.

●     Skins for legends (Crafting Items)

●     Weapon Skins (Crafting items)

●     Battle items (Crafting items)

●     Tracker (Crafting items)

●     Emotes (Crafting items)

Apex legends mobile currency guide

Redemption Chips

Redemption chips can be purchased with the syndicated Gold. One redemption chip can be purchased with 50 syndicated Gold. Lite crate redemption chips also will be removed after the end of a season. These chips can be used to purchase lite crates from the store.

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