COD Mobile Season 4 Leaked Character Skins

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With the season 4 update is just around the corner, we are exited to know about the new character skins and weapon skins coming for season 4. Thanks to data miners and beta testers of the game, season 4 character skins have been already leaked. So, we are going to share these hot battle pass leaks and character skin leaks with you here. Please note that these are only rumours.

David Mason

David Mason rumoured to be the captain of season 4. Obviously, a lot of players wanted David Mason inside the game. David Mason is a classic character in Call of Duty franchise and we will be definitely seeing him as the primary battle pass character.

CODM leaked character Davis Mason


Reaper was first introduced in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 as one of the nine specialists characters. He is a robotic soldier and will look dope in any game mode. If Activision and Tencent can give him a robotic voice many players will definitely use this character. Reaper is expected to be the secondary battle pass character in season 4.

cod mobile reaper

Reaper – Puzzle Skin

The next skin is the Reaper puzzle skin. If we look very closely, it’s the basic Reaper skin made with a puzzle or a Rubik’s cube. We think this design is very awesome. It would be a really cool idea to add more characters with this skin design in the future.

cod mobile reaper

Firebreak – Panda

The next one is the fire break panda and this one is kind of interesting because the firebreak is going to be having multiple types of costumes or outfits. Fire break is the only customizable character in side the game. Are we going to receive other customizable characters soon?

CODM leaked character firebreak panda
CODM leaked character firebreak panda

Spectre – Geist

We are going to have a purple coloured spectre skin. I think it’s like hulking Geist. The spectre skin actually was in Black Ops 3. It has a very different looks which reminds us a ninja.

CODM leaked characters

Outrider – Mystic

Female character we are going to have for season 4 is Outrider – Mystic. If you look closely, it looks similar to the Merc 5 – Yellow Snake skin.

CODM leaked character Mystic


Let us dig a little bit deeper. There is a rumour that Call of Duty is going to have a professional team in the game and this character skin is going to come along with it. Obviously, we already have the phantom skin that we got from the battle pass in season 3. Hopefully we will get more cool and professional COD team character skins in the future.

Phantom Esport skin COD Mobile season 4

Ruin – Spades

The next skin is a Ruin skin. It’s the kind of a standard Ruin skin with light flames on it. So, it looks like the devil or Diablo from the side. This skin looks really cool.

CODM leaked characters Ruin

Ruin – Action Figure

The next skin is another Ruin skin but they give him like a plastic or action figure type of feel. That is super awesome. Are we going to see more characters with this skin in the future?

Ruin Action Figure COD Mobile Season 4

Ruin – Industrial Revolution

Third Ruin is the Industrial revolution. Industrial revolution is rumoured to be the theme of season 4. Many believe Ruin – Industrial revolution is going to be the Master 2 reward in Battle royale mode.

COD Mobile leaked characters

Special Ops 3 – Illusional Cube

COD Mobile season 4 leaked skins

These are the leaked character skins that we are going to have in upcoming season. Stay with us to know more about season 4.

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