COD Mobile Season 13 Patch Notes

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Brand new battle pass season (13) and rank series (8) is just around the corner. Just like previous season updates, we can expect some balance changes and other optimizations with the latest update. Patch notes for upcoming season were released and let’s find out what sort of changes coming to Call of duty mobile.

Note: Please note that this is an translation so, some words might not represent the intended meaning.

Ranked Series 08

Multiplayer Master rank reward: Fennec-Midnight
Battle Royale Master rank reward: Reznov-Winter Wood

Call of duty mobile ranked season 8 rewards


New game modes

Available maps: Nuketown, Crash, Standoff, Crossfire, Firing Range, Raid, Summit, Scrap Yard, Rust, Hackney Yard, Nuketown Russia

Cookie Check Kill (special 10v10 check kill mode)
Available maps: Available maps: Crossfire, Firing range, Takeoff, Meltdown, Rust, Tunisia, Terminal, Hackney Yard

New maps

Nuketown Russia
Available modes: Front line, team deathmatch, domination, hardpoint, kill confirmed, grind

Raid Holiday
Available modes: Team death match, search and destroy, domination, hardpoint, kill confirmed

Improvements & Optimizations

-Death Machine’s ammunition capacity is greatly increased. During firing, the death machine’s rate of fire increases gradually.

-The equalizer’s ammunition capacity is greatly increased.

-The range of the annihilator’s bullet tracking has been reduced.

-The bulletproof shield’s pistol ammo capacity has been reduced.

-Fennec accuracy when walking or jumping is slightly reduced.

-Fennec-Short MIP lightweight barrel and Fennec-Slightly reduced movement speed without butt.

-Fennec-Akimbo’s reload speed is slightly reduced.

-Fennec-Akimbo’s damage is slightly reduced.

-Arctic.50-Slightly reduced the firing speed, recoil control and ammo capacity of the MIP blocking magazine.

-HVK30-Medium-range damage of large caliber ammunition is reduced.

-The weapon switching speed of the baseball bat is reduced.

-Sniper rifles and designated shooter rifles have a stable aiming field of view only for a very short time after aiming.

-You can see if the roof is covered on the Predator Missile viewpoint screen.

-When boarding the XS1 Goliath, the fire button for aimed fire and the fire button for non-aimed fire are displayed on the right side of the screen.

-Cryogenic bombs thrown into burning areas due to Molotov cocktails are destroyed.

-Molotov cocktails thrown into the freezing area of ​​the cryogenic bomb are destroyed.

-Thrown mines can only be triggered through laser contact. No more sliding and prone

You cannot evade thrown mines.

-Players using bulletproof shields from the front can no longer be tracked when using the Annihilator.

-You can reduce the continuous damage of Molotov cocktails and Thermites with the bulletproof vest puck.

-Dead Silence Puck only applies when the player walks or sits while walking or crawling.

-When the death machine’s ammo runs out from the attack of the undead, it is automatically replaced with the main weapon.

-For advanced ranked matches, a unique icon is displayed on the personal history page.

-You can check the strengths and weaknesses of the attachments in detailed figures in gun production.

-First person running animation has been optimized.

-Prone position logic has been optimized. You can take a prone position even if there are obstacles behind you.

-Firearm switching logic has been optimized. Switching firearms while running will not slow you down.

-The speed of posture switching between standing, sitting, and prone is optimized.

-The model of the exploded vehicle is optimized. Depending on the actual model size, bullets and projectiles can penetrate the exploded vehicle.

-Reaction skin weapon expression is optimized.

-Details of the upgrade process of Mythic Weapons have been optimized and guidance instructions have been added.

-Mythic weapon rewards have been optimized.

-The matching algorithm in the multiplayer mode has been optimized. Matching will be conducted with players with similar skills.

-The calculation method of ranking points before occupation and major bases has been optimized. Ranking points provided for occupying/maintaining a target base increase.

-The sharing interface for legendary ranked players has been optimized.

-Multiplayer matching algorithm has been optimized. The level gap between players in the same game has been reduced.

Battle Royale

Improvements & Optimizations

-Grenade explosion area of ​​effect increased.

-The range of effect of cluster bomb explosion has been increased.

-The range increase value of the long shot variant is increased.

-Accuracy increases when aimed at the dense shooting variant.

-The ammo amount limit for automatic acquisition is increased.

-Extended and Void variants now have an independent value increase for sniper rifles.

-Arctic.50 recoil control has been reduced.

-Locations marked by team members on the map are highlighted with a new effect.

-Weapon swap animation while running is optimized.

-The angle and distance for passing obstacles are optimized.

-Character movement is optimized when using the eye icon. The character’s head moves in the direction it looks.

-Battle Royale ranking point calculation method is optimized. Players can check the ranking point calculation in detail.

-The sharing interface for legendary ranked players has been optimized.

-Item acquisition experience is optimized.

-The sound effect of landing air supplies has been optimized.

-The safe zone collapse logic is optimized, and the probability of the safe zone being reduced to a completely water-only area mechanically is greatly reduced.

-The font of the minimap is optimized.

-The altitude bar displayed during parachute/wingsuit flight has been optimized for a lighter design.

-In Battle Royale, Type25, BK57, LK24, Man-O-War, HVK30, Peacekeeper MKII, QXR, NA-45,

PDW57, Razorback, BY15, .50GS designs are available.

-You cannot temporarily use KN44, HG40, and Kilo Bolt action designs in Battle Royale.


-BK57-Elite front handle: Promotion handle for easy recoil control with high operability is added.

-Razorback-Rapid Fire Perk: A perk that greatly increases the firing speed is added.

-New basic appearance system: Do you not like the appearance of the gun with the attachment changed? With the new Basic Appearance System, the gun’s original appearance is preserved even with other attachments attached!

-Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to switch to a grenade or secondary weapon at the start of a match.

-An issue where the player could not fire at enemies behind the broken glass when applying the simple fire mode has been fixed.

-An issue where players were sometimes unable to fire after being hit by a shock bullet has been fixed.

-An issue where the item list at the bottom of the acquisition list is displayed at the top in Battle Royale mode has been fixed.

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