COD Mobile Season 11 Release Date

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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 Anniversary update is expected to be released somewhere between 11th – 15th October 2020.

The official Call of Duty Mobile Facebook page confirmed that the COD Mobile Season 11 will be released next week. Moreover, the season 10 battle pass will expire on the 14th of October. So the season 11 update may come to the app store on either 14th or 15th of October and hopefully, the battle pass season 11 and rank series 7 will start on the 15th of October. An Activision marketing email is also confirmed these days.

Cod mobile season 11 release date

What to expect on COD Mobile Season 11?

Activision president himself stated that the anniversary season update (season 11) is going to be the biggest update ever in terms of content. They did not release a test server for season 11 and 12 as they wanted to keep the new content as a secret. However, the Garena version released several teaser videos and we were given the opportunity to have a glimpse of things that may arrive in season 11.

Alcatraz Map

A brand new map for Battle Royale – Alcatraz was teased for season 11. However, this map is significantly smaller compared to current “Isolated” map. So we have to wait to see how the developers are going to implement this to cod mobile Battle Royale. 11 Teaser video 1

Call of duty mobile Alcatraz map

We might also see anniversary decorations at Downtown as shown in the teaser video 2.

COD mobile season 11 anniversary

Halloween Maps

Same as the previous Halloween, The standoff map will be decorated for the Season 11 Halloween on the month of October.

Introduction of Halloween Standoff by Garena CODM!— Danny (@DannyINTEL) October 4, 2020

New Multiplayer Map – King

King from Modern Warfare 2019 will feature in season 11. This map is primarily a 2vs2 map in MW.

cod mobile season 11 leaks

New Multiplayer Game Mode – Cranked

Cranked in somewhat similar to a usual TDM. The unique feature is when you get a kill you become cranked. A 30-second timer will start and if you don’t get a kill or an assist within 30 seconds, you will explode and you have to start all over again. Once you are cranked your movement speed will increase significantly and with every kill you get, the timer will reset.

New Soldier Skins

Second teaser videos have leaked a few character skins that we can expect throughout the season 11 COD Mobile.

New Trailer with Teasers for Season 11!— Danny (@DannyINTEL) October 7, 2020

Season 11 Teaser video 2

Call od Duty Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass Characters
Call od Duty Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass Characters
Call od Duty Mobile Season 11 Characters
call of duty mobile season 11 skins
call of duty mobile season 11 skins
call of duty mobile season 11 skins

Answering a question on Twitter, developers stated that the AK 47 Pumpkinhead might return for this Halloween just like the last season.

call of duty mobile season 11 skins

Credits Store Update

The Call of Duty: Mobile Official had a poll on all of their social media platforms (Discord server, Reddit feed, Twitter, and Facebook). In this poll, they gave the fans to decide which epic weapon that we would like to have on the next credit store update. This weapon skin will come with a 50% price off. The majority of the COD Mobile fans voted for the Man O war skin. So we can expect it to be released with the next credits store update at 10,000C.

Man O War Cardinal

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