COD Mobile Season 11 Patch Notes

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Anniversary season (season 11) of call of duty mobile is just around the corner. As of now, Activision has kept the content of season 11 as a secret. But Garena has posted a patch note including major changes and new features that are coming in season 11 and ranked series 7. Let’s find out these changes.

Note : Please note that this is an auto generated translation from Thai language so, some words might not represent the intended meaning.

Ranked Series 7 Rewards

EPIC Blueprint: Kilo Bolt-Action – Dealer
EPIC character: TEDD – Where To Sir
EPIC level profile frame: Steeled Frame
Calling card EPIC level: High Roller
EPIC Charm: Series 7

Rank Series 7 runs from Oct. to Dec. 2020.

Battle Pass – Season 11

Premium Battle Pass

Awesome EPIC characters and items ready for an anniversary party

Call of duty mobile season 11 battle pass
Call of duty mobile season 11 battle pass

Free Battle Pass

New SMG rifle.
New Score Tree: Advanced UAV (enhanced UAV power by showing enemy position and direction in real-time minimap).


New gun: NA-45, from the Advanced Warfare universe, the NA-45 is the first weapon in CODM to deal with explosive damage. When the second shell is fired in the area where the first shot has been fired.
New perk: Tactician, player born. Plus 1 additional strategy device

1st Anniversary & Halloween Event

cod mobile season 11 leaks


  • Crazy Cranked Mode
  • Separate mode for the Halloween period
  • New map – King (2v2 Gun Fight and 1v1 Duel playable modes)
  • Spooky-themed Standoff map
  • A new gun perk for the Fennec: Akimbo, allowing for a high rate of dual-gun hold on both hands. But will not be able to aim and shoot (ADS)
  • New equipment for the AK 47: 5.45 Caliber Ammo, greatly increased the rate of fire, suitable for close combat.
  • New equipment for the HVK-30: Large Caliber Ammo, increased damage to the head and upper chest, suitable for medium-range combat.
  • 10v10 TDM, 10v10 DOM, Kill Confirmed and Capture the Flag will open more maps.
  • Attack of the Undead: Increases the damage of the main weapon and HP ceiling of the opponent after killing 8 and 10 undead, and increases the HP and the damage of the Undead’s ax after killing 2 and 4 people
  • New Marker Settings: Allows players to adjust the size and opacity of the marker. In the settings of MP is Settings> Control> MP> LAYOUT custom.

Multiplayer – Buffs and Nerfs

  • Increased the damage of QQ9 when equipped with a 10mm 30 round reload device.
  • The AK47 is reduced to its throttle control and precision.
  • The FHJ-18 launcher will now fire without locking the target. And can shoot at people
  • Decreased the explosive radius of the FHJ-18 projectile.
  • Slightly increased the explosion radius of the SMRS projectile.
  • Reduces the movement and attack speed of the Shadow Blade skill, decreases the target locking range.
  • Reduce the rate of fire, cooldown speed. And the duration of the persistence of the Annihilator skill is slightly.
  • Slightly increased the rate of fire, bullet speed, and mobility of War Machine.
  • Increased the magazine capacity of Death Machine.
  • Decreased the rate of fire of the VTOL scoreline.
  • Reduces the scorestreak gained by killing with the Shield Turret or by destroying this turret.
  • The flash from Transform Shield has been replaced. Continuous microwave emission in front of the shield Deals damage and slows enemies in its movement range.
  • Increase the speed of throwing grenades. And all strategy equipment
  • Increased Thermite’s damage range and marginal damage.
  • Thermite can be thrown onto people. And various equipment
  • Reduces the coverage range of the Trophy System.
  • Increased the effective range of Flashbang Grenade, Concussion Grenade, and EMP.
  • Reduces the range of enemy awareness of the Alert Perk.
  • Decreased the initial explosion range of Molotov Cocktail.
  • Improved the animation of crouching and getting up and running.
  • Add death gestures
  • Improved the transition of perspective when aiming and shooting.
  • Improved the aimless shooting animation.
  • Scopes are less blocking the screen. When shooting without aiming
  • Target when shooting, not aiming Will change according to the current accuracy
  • Improve the audience experience (OB)
  • Improved the Minimap for Gun Fight, Training ground, and Hardcore modes.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not be displayed. If you sit down and squat too often
  • Fixed the issue of breathing vibration for all sniper rifles the same.
  • Fixed an issue where the laser was off-center when using the OWC Laser – Tactical camera.
  • Fixed an issue where kills with Equalizer were not counted as operator skills.
  • Fixed an issue where Molotov Cocktail kills were not counted as nuclear unlock points.
  • Fixed perspective issue when using Shadow Blade.

Ranked Multiplayer

  • Increase the number and improve the quality of the rated MP reward.
  • Low rank players Will lose fewer points when relegating.
  • New rank status information: MVP when a team loses.
  • Continuous Rank Win Points will get more
  • Reduces the difficulty of scaling lower ranks.
  • Improved the time system for allowing mid-ranked matches. To reduce injustice
  • Increased penalties for mid-MP matchmaking.

Battle Royale

  • Added a new weapon: Purifier, a firearm that deals continuous damage to enemies in close range, who is not killed must escape into the water.
  • Added new gun mods: Sleuth, deal damage and briefly reveal identity. And the location of the enemy in the minimap For a while
  • New ammunition: Ballistic Expert for special weapons including the War Machine, Tempest, Annihilator and Purifier.
  • Add Epic (purple) and Legendary (orange) skins to guns that can be transported in Battle Royale, no longer needing to customize and wait for only air drops.
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance system For vehicles with wheels Can be set in BR setting.
  • The limit for the amount of armour repair plates can now be set at Settings> Basic> BR.
  • Set to automatically switch back to the main weapon. After throwing any grenades at the basic setting of BR mode.

Battle Royale – Buffs and Nerfs

  • The band squeezed more early in the game.
  • Airborne Class: Reduced concealment when running or using ejection gear, or while gliding with weather, recharging skill energy for reuse. Will start when the calling device Only exploded
  • Ninja career: greatly increased mobility
  • Clown job: Increase the speed of the zombies. And the distance from which they can detect the enemy
  • Trickster Class: The impersonator released by our friends / enemies. Can be distinguished by a red light on the shoulder
  • Reduces the recoil of all sniper guns.
  • The AK-47 has been reduced to its grip control and precision
  • Improved accuracy when firing non-aiming on all weapons, making the SMGs the most accurate when fired non-aiming.
  • War Machine: Will no longer slow enemies, adjusted the ammo capacity to 80, one shot will consume 10 Ballistic Expert shells.
  • Tempest: Increases projectile’s recharging speed and speed, reduces explosive range, adjusts shell capacity to 80, one shot consumes 10 Ballistic Expert shells.
  • Annihilator: Adjusted the ammo capacity to 60, one shot consumes 10 Ballistic Expert shells.
  • Increase the chance of seeing more scope cameras In weapon boxes and in various places
  • Removed Long Shot Mod from Common to Rare level and Light Trigger Mod from BR.
  • Reduce the damage of the vehicle when driving into any obstacle.
  • Improved experience of driving cars and tanks.
  • When the air drop was opened for the first time already The icon will be displayed in a different minimap and will disappear once the Armory Open Quota has expired.
  • Special colours and marking For weapon customization That we open from the armoury
  • Improved the logic of weapon swap. When we collect weapons to change with the weapon we hold
  • Improved logic of armour plate introduction, repairing armour will be recommended. When a player has a healthy blood level But the armour was almost broken.
  • Improved the effect of bullet thrust. And when it hits various objects
  • Increases the speed of throwing grenades and tactical gear.
  • Improved the animation of landing from a higher place.
  • Improved bunker climbing animation or various pages.
  • Improved aiming animation.
  • Improved shot sound effect.
  • Improved the effect of the circle edge in the distance.
  • Improved the reaction reaction when hitting enemies.
  • Improved the UI that appears when reloading.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI was wrong when customizing bags in the loadout.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no reaction to any target when killed with a head shot.
  • Improved the list of weapons in Battle Royale (guns will appear in the game according to the levels below).
  1. Common: ICR / HBRa3 / GKS / QQ9 / M4LMG / KRM262 / Kilo-Bolt Action.
  2. Uncommon: KN44 / ASM10 / AK117 / HG40 / RUS74U / Chopper / Echo / Arctic.50
  3. Rare: AK-47 / HBRa3 / HG40 / QQ9 / Cordite / M4LMG / RPD / KRM262 / Kilo-Bolt Action / Locus.
  4. Epic: KN44 / ASM10 / ICR / GKS / RUS74U / Chopper / Echo / Arctic.50
  5. Legendary: AK117 / AK47 / ICR / HG40 / Cordite / RPD / Locus.

Ranked Battle Royale

  • Increase the number and improve the quality of BR rated awards.
  • Low rank players Will lose fewer points when relegating.
  • New rank status information: number of hits 1
  • Improved BR matchmaking performance

General Changes

  • Weaponry display system: Allows to view all advanced weapons.
  • Improved gun composing system (Gunsmith)
  • Improved the experience of players in the results report page.
  • In the player profile, You can check the number of times the Legend rank of MP and BR can be reached.

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