Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9 Patch Notes

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Conquest Patch Notes.


  • In Domination game mode, the Capturing progress will be halted even though the capturing players are killed.
  • Tunisia map will be removed from multiplayer general modes.
  • Meltdown map will be removed from the ranked multiplayer modes.
  • The next hardpoint will be displayed on the map. But players cannot capture it until the current hardpoint expires.
  • Long-range damage to the Death Machine will be increased along with the rate of fire and time to fire after moving.
  • The range and speed of bows of the Sparrow class will be increased.
  • The range of the War Machine will be increased. Damage caused to the objects on the map and teammates will be reduced.
  • The reloading speed of the Annihilator will be reduced along with the rate of fire.
  • The range of the Gravity Spikes will be reduced.

  • Damage to the Molotov Cocktail will be increased.
  • Katana will be renamed and the module will be changed.
  • Before activating the Stealth Chopper and Cluster Strike enemy locations will be shown on the map.
  • Reload animation will be optimized.
  • Fire animation will be optimized.
  • The visual performance of Laser Sights will be optimized.
  • Reloading animation of bolt-action sniper rifles will be optimized.
  • If a player quit during the match, the time to recruit new players will be extended.
  • The issue of shooting through walls of SMRS and War machines will be fixed.
  • UAV displaying the movement path of the enemy will be fixed.
  • Incorrect display of players in Attack of the Undead mode will be fixed.
  • Issues regarding Katana will be fixed.

Battle Royale

  • There will be 10 Perks for weapons.
  • Invisible effect of the Poltergeist class will be enhanced.
  • Damage of the Trap master will be reduced.
  • The first safe zone will appear earlier and time will be increased enabling more players to reach the first zone.
  • Visual effects of the water will be optimized.
  • Side defence of the Tank will be reduced and movements will be adjusted.
  • The tank will come as a random airdrop.
  • Displaying health statuses of the vehicles after a collision will be optimized.
  • Character actions will be optimized.
  • Ladder movements will be optimized.
  • Optimize the action of walking on a wall.
  • Health points and Shield interface will be optimized.
  • A graphic will display when a player breaks another’s armour.
  • New voice instructions when parachuting.
  • Displaying the tank location incorrectly will be fixed.
  • Fix the issue of invisible objects on the map.
  • Displaying the wrong firing direction will be fixed.
  • Random game sound disappearance will be fixed.


  • The matchmaking system will be optimized.
  • Players will lose fewer points under rank protection.
  • Rank points calculation will be optimized.
  • There will be animations for each rank from Pro 1.
  • Most events will be automatically claimed after completion.

Seasonal Events Main Rewards

  • Brand new soldier – Nikolai Belinski
Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 - Nikolai Belinski
  • Thermite Lethal Weapon
  • MSMC epic weapon skin (blueprint)
  • ICR-1 epic weapon skin (blueprint)
  • Brand new perk – Amped
Amped Perk Call of Duty Mobile

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