Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Patch Notes

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Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile is almost here. The test server was released recently and players were able to experience new features and changes that are going to be happen in the upcoming season. Following are the major patch notes of Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Wild West.

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UI Changes

  • When going towards a ladder, climb up or down button will appear
  • When an enemy is invincible after being respawned, UI hints are exposed under the crosshair
  • You can share rank data and rank history with the new sharing function

Multiplayer – Operator Skills and Scorestreaks Changes

  • Sparrow has been optimized especially in long-range
  • The war machine has been optimized for medium range
  • Enemy HIVE traps will be in red color
  • When UAV is activated, enemies out of sight are marked with an empty circle
  • Cooldown of Gravity Spikes has been reduced
  • Shock RC can attack 2 enemies
  • Death machine ammo capacity has been reduced
  • Purifier’s fuel capacity has been reduced
  • VTOL duration has been reduced
  • Stealth chopper duration has been reduced

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Multiplayer Gun Performance Changes

  • ICR-1 aiming and accuracy are increased
  • UL736 stability is increased
  • BK57 accuracy is increased
  • HVK 30 Damage and reload speed are increased
  • Man-O-war accuracy is increased
  • MSMC accuracy and stability are increased
  • S36 stability is increased
  • HBRa3 aiming speed and accuracy are reduced
  • RDP and M4LMG aiming speed is reduced and accuracy is increased

Battle Royale Changes

  • Location of the Aerial platform will change from match to match
  • The tactical zip line is added to the Aerial platform
  • Loot at Crash, Kill house, Diner, Standoff, Pipeline, Practice range, and Nuclear plant is optimized
  • Pipelines in Launch base has been optimized and changed
  • Snow area in Bus stop has been reduced
  • Scenery and roads at Dock is changed
  • Height of mountains in Countdown has been reduced
  • Cerberus dog’s HP and Damage have been reduced and rewards for killing it have been increased
  • Latter zones will cause more damage
  • The ability of the vests to reduce the damage of grenades is removed
  • Vests durability is increased
  • Recharge speed of Airborne is increased
  • The healing effect of the medic class has been increased
  • Assassin class range and movement speed have been increased
  • Duration and slow-motion effect of EMP drone have been reduced
  • Range of the scout class has been reduced

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Battle Royale Gun Performance Changes

  • Increase damage of War machine when using against enemies with vests
  • M16 damage has been increased
  • Chicom short range damage has been significantly increased
  • PDW57, RUS-79U and MSMC short range damage is slightly increased
  • MSMC stability has been increased

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