Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 Leaks

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Public Test Server was released ahead of season 13 update and we were able to have a sneak peak into what to expect in season 13 and possibly season 14.

COD Mobile Season 13 Release Date

Season 13 will arrive in late December and new Rank Series (08) will start along with the new Battle Pass Season.

Season 13 Battle Pass

COD Mobile season 13 battle pass
Season 13 Battle pass soldier skins
Credits – DataminersHole

Season 13 Lobby

Season 13 will have a Christmas/snow based theme. The lobby features Russian Nuketown map

COD Mobile season 13 lobby

Brand New Weapons

Call of Duty Mobile teased two new weapons for season 13. A brand new assault riffle named Peacekeeper MK2 and a SMG named QXR. One weapon will be available in season 13 battle pass (most likely Peacekeeper MK2) and other will arrive later in an event.

Peacekeeper MK2

Peacekeeper MK2 COD Mobile
Peacekeeper MK2 COD Mobile
Peacekeeper MK2 Stats


QXR COD Mobile
QXR COD Mobile
QXR Stats

Full Reload Animation

From season 13, weapon will feature a new full reload animation. Animation type depends on each weapon. This animation occurs when you emptied the magazine of the weapon. Half emptied magazine reloads wont have this new animation. Also once you attached the new magazine, you can start shooting right away without waiting for full animation to be over.

AK117 Reload animation

Gunsmith Changes

Attachment stats in numbers

Stat changes of each attachment will be shown in numbers (percentage) for a better understanding.

COD Mobile season 13

Weapon upgrade level selection

Now you can select the number of levels to upgrade a weapon with weapon XP cards. Previously players had to upgrade level by level.

COD Mobile season 13
Upgrading AK117 to level 20

Default look

One major complaint about gunsmith was the effect some weapon attachments had on the weapon camo or blueprint. Now players are given the option to retain the original design even with different attachments.

COD Mobile season 13
Default look off
COD Mobile season 13
Default look on

Diamond camo

Diamond camo is finally here. In test server, players need to obtain 120 10 kill streak unlock diamond camo. We might have to wait till the final update to find out whether a player need to unlock Damascus camo to grind Diamond camo.

COD mobile Diamond camo
COD mobile Diamond camo
COD mobile Diamond camo

Lucky Board

COD mobile season 13 lucky board
*Empty space contains a RUS skin


New multiplayer maps

Season 13 will feature 2 new maps. One is a remodelled version of a current map and one brand new map.

Nuketown Russia – This will be a remodelled version of current Nuketown map. However, some parts of the map is slightly different in size compared to current Nuketown map.

COD Mobile Nuketown Russia
COD Mobile Nuketown Russia
COD Mobile Nuketown Russia

Rebirth – Rebirth will be the brand new multiplayer map coming in season 13.

COD Mobile Rebirth map
COD Mobile Rebirth map
COD Mobile Rebirth map

Other than that Raid – Holiday map will return in season 13.

New multiplayer game modes

Season 13 and possibly season 14 will feature 4 new multiplayer modes.

1. Grind – Here you have to kill enemies, collect their dog tags and deliver them to the objective point. There are two objective points as A and B. Players will drop their own and collected dog tags upon death. First team to collect and deliver 20 dog tags will win the match.

COD Mobile season 13

2. 3v3 Gun Fight – This mode is identical to 2v2 Gun Fight. Only difference is there are 3 members per team instead of 2. You need to kill the enemy team within 40 seconds or capture the overtime objective to win a round. Weapon will reset every 2 round. Team to win 6 rounds will win the match.

Cod mobile 3v3 gun fight

3. Hardcore Hardpoint

4. Hardcore Headquarters

New operator skill

Gravity vortex gun will be the new operator skill in season 13. It can fire vortex projectiles that distort gravity.

COD Mobile season 13

New scorestreak

EMP systems will be the new scorestreak. Once activated, it will disable all enemy electronics. Affected enemies wont be able to use throwables, scorestreaks and operator skills. A player need 1400 points to activate EMP systems.

COD Mobile season 13

New tactical weapon

Gas grenade is coming in season 13. It releases tear gas, causing deceleration, blurred vision and cough.

COD Mobile season 13

Other changes

  • New sound effects for achievement medals in multiplayer
  • New sound effect when regenerating hp in multiplayer

Battle Royale

Map changes in BR

There are tracks for skiing in Ski Town area. Also you there are cable cars in this area.

COD Mobile season 13
COD Mobile season 13
COD Mobile season 13
COD Mobile season 13

New battle royale vehicle

Snowboard will be the new BR vehicle. Even though it is categorized as a vehicle, you can carry it with you and use whenever you want.

Cod Mobile snowboard
COD Mobile Snowboard
COD Mobile Snowboard

New BR class

Desperado is going to be the new BR class. It allows you to deploy a shield turret and shoot at enemies.

COD Mobile Desperado

New BR game mode

Battle royale is getting a new game mode named Blitz. There are 10 four-member teams in this mode. You will be dropped into a random portion of the classic map. You have to eliminate other teams to win the match. There are several revive planes, so you have to scan dog tags of dead teammates for them to return.

COD mobile BR Blitz
COD mobile BR Blitz

New BR weapons

Following weapons are now available to loot in battle royale
– Razorback
– .50 GS pistol
– NA-45
– LK 24
– BK 57
– HVK 30
– Peacekeeper MK2 (brand new weapon)
– QXR (brand new weapon)

Setting Changes

Enable/disable Spectate

Now you can prevent your friends from spectating your matches by disabling spectate.

COD Mobile season 13

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