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Search and destroy (S&D) mode in ranked multiplayer in Call of Duty Mobile can be hard sometimes. Players cannot respawn in a round and you have to solely focus on playing the objective which is either attack (planting the bomb) or defence (protecting bomb sites or defusing the bomb). Therefore, room for errors is minimized. You need to know what sort of strategies you need to win these games. If you are struggling with Search and Destroy, the following tips will help you to improve your gameplay and win more ranked S&D matches.

1. Use the right Weapons Loadouts

Choosing the right weapon for each map is vital. First, you need to understand the play area of each map. For example, Summit and Standoff have fewer play areas. So, a shotgun or an SMG is more suitable. For maps with a larger play area such as Highrise, a Sniper or an Assault Rifle is more suitable. However, selecting the gun also depend on your play style. If you are a rusher, an SMG or an AR will suitable for you on most of the maps.

On the other hand, make sure to max out your weapons to unlock every gunsmith attachment.  Don’t use laser sights that are visible to enemies. It will reveal your position to the enemy. Also, use muzzle attachments to make your gun silent. It will help you to say hidden from enemies. Try to avoid attachments that slow you and your weapon.

Search and Destroy Loadout

2. Use Trip mines, Smoke Bombs & Trophy Systems

Lethal and tactical equipment such as Grenades, Trip mines, Molotov, and Trophy systems play a vital role in the search and destroy games.  You have to know when and where to use them.

Molotov – Attack the multiple enemies who flock together, block an entrance temporarily, attack an enemy who is chasing you inside a building, attack the enemies who are running inside the smoke, attack an enemy who is defusing the bomb, etc.

Grenades – Throw them at a camper to clear the spot, Attack the usual enemy entrances or paths, and Attack enemies who are running through the smokes.

Smokes – To defuse or plant a Bomb, cross a path safely (Cross the path in Crossfire, etc.).

Trophy systems – Eliminate the Smokes, Grenades and Molotov, etc, Make sure to use a trophy system when planting or defusing the bomb.

Search and Destroy lethal equipments

3. Keep Moving (Don’t stay idle even if you are camping).

Staying in a single place will make you an easy target for enemies. Players usually lose concentration when staying idle in one spot. If an enemy sees you and starts shooting, you will have very little time to react. It is acceptable to camp and guards a bomb site or a dropped enemy bomb. But you have to at least keep moving side to side (strafing) and check for enemy movements. It will assist you to dodge surprise enemy attacks.

4. Map Awareness

Each map has good camping spots for both defending and attacking teams. You can observe enemy movements from these spots without revealing yourself. So, you need to be well aware of such spots on each map. When you play attack side, the enemy team usually panic and start rushing when you plant the bomb. So you can get easy kills by staying in these spots. At the start of a round, look for places (roads and building doors) where enemies usually appear.

Hence you and your team must stay close to the planted bomb site when you are on the attacking team. Otherwise, you may not hear when an enemy is defusing the bomb. Even if you are far from the bomb site, start moving towards it.

5. Use a Headphone

A properly working headphone is a must for search and destroy matches. It will benefit you a lot. You can hear enemy movements much better with good headphones. Some players use phone speakers that don’t even have stereo speakers which is a huge disadvantage. Because judging the enemy’s location with a phone speaker is way too difficult.

But with the stereo speakers, you will hear the location of the enemies when they are close to you. You will know when to make your move and attack the enemies. Moreover, you can pick the bomb planting or defusing sounds easily with good headphones.

6. Use Perks wisely

The next big thing is perks. You have to find out which perks to equip in loadout. Hence there are few must-have perks for every S&D player. Dead silence perk is a must-have perk that makes your footsteps silent. Hard-wired perk will protect you from trip mines and the Flak jacket perk will reduce the damage from the explosives.

Apart from that, perks such as the Skulker and Lightweight perks are also recommended. The skulker perk will help you to move (Crouch etc.) 12% faster. If you are using a gun that has low mobility, this perk would benefit you. Hence the Lightweight perk will help you to sprint faster while eliminating damage when you jump from a building.

7. Scorestreaks

Scorestreaks in search and destroy is not important as other game modes. But they will come in handy if you have a good round. However, you can only activate lower level scorestreaks in S&D. Because the maximum points you can get in a round is 500 (4 kills and planting the bomb). You can activate Shield Turret, UAV, Hunter Killer Drone, and Shock RC with 500 points. So equip at least one of these scorestreaks. Also, scorestreaks reset in every round.

8. Stick Together & Communicate

Communication and synergy help you to achieve the objective of the S&D game mode. Search and destroy is a team play not a solo play. So, you have to keep in communication with your teammates at least with a quick message option to plan your moves. Even if you are dead, you have to tell enemy locations and movements or even about planting or defusing the bomb.

Hence sticking together with other teammates will help to protect each other in an enemy attack. But it will allow enemy snipers to pick multiple kills. So be aware of when to stick together and when to move separately.

9. Pay attention to the Timer

The timer in the game is one of the main things that you should pay attention to. When you are on the attacking side, you have to plant the bomb before the time runs out. If the enemy team tends to camp, you should go for quick plants. Then the enemies will start moving towards the bomb site which will give you easy kills.

If you are on the defending team, you have to kill all the enemies or defuse the bomb within 45 seconds. But imagine that you are the only player left and time is about to run out. At this point, you should get cover or waste their time and prevent your death rather than going for kills and allow them time to run out. You will win the round when the attacking team could not plant the bomb on time. (You can use this trick when you are the only one left and the last enemy is chasing to kill you).

10.  Guard the Bomb & Eliminate Defusing

Some of you may focus only on getting kills. But S&D is all about playing the objective while surviving. So, you have to guard the bomb site when your team has planted the bomb. You have to stay very close to the bomb but it should be a safer place as well. Pay attention to enemy movements and defuses.

Sometimes enemies do fake defuses. They start and then immediately cancel the defuse and wait until you come near the bomb. Therefore it is not recommended to run straight towards the bomb site when you hear the defusing. Try to approach them from an unexpected position. Hence, they may use smoke grenades or block your entrance with Molotov. Placing a Trophy system would benefit you at this point as well.

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