Call of Duty: Mobile Introduced a Brand New Sniper Rifle in Season 6

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 6, Wild West battle pass was launched on May 1st, 2020, and one of the most anticipated brand-new sniper rifle Outlaw was released alongside the battle pass. Outlaw is a bolt action sniper. The outlaw is first featured on Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

You can simply unlock the Heat Stroke version of the Outlaw sniper at tier 1 of the premium battle pass. Free-to-play players don’t worry, you can unlock a stock version (with no skins) of the sniper at tier 12 of the free battle pass. This sniper is only available on Multiplayer game mode.

So how good is Outlaw compared to current sniper rifles available in Call of Duty Mobile? The Following is a stat comparison between all sniper rifles.

Call of Duty Mobile Snipers Comparison

Stand out feature of the Outlaw is its mobility. It has the highest mobility out of any sniper rifles currently available in the Call of Duty Mobile game. The range of the Outlaw sniper is similar to DLQ 33, Arctic .50, and Locus Snipers. However, the damage is less than the other 3 main snipers (DLQ 33, Arctic .50, and Locus). When it comes to the fire rate, it has the highest fire rate of any other bolt-action sniper rifles and the rate is similar to Arctic .50.

As you may already know, you cannot judge any gun with these stats. Factors like recoil and time to kill are vital. Outlaw has the fastest scope-in time out of any sniper rifle currently in the game. The fastest scope-in time and higher mobility make this gun a beast in the game, right? No. Even with all these superior stats and features, Outlaw is a hit marker machine. You can kill an enemy by hitting the hand to forehand area with other main 3 sniper rifles (DLQ 33, Arctic .50, and Locus). But that’s not the case with Outlaw.

Even if you are a good sniper you need to practice with the Outlaw to aim and hit the upper chest and head of the enemy to get one-shot kills. So, unless the developers decide to buff the Outlaw, DLQ 33, Arctic .50, and Locus are better options to snipe in Call of Duty Mobile.

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