Call of Duty: Mobile – Gunsmith Full Guide

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Call of duty mobile Gunsmith

Call of Duty Mobile introduced a revolutionary feature with the season 9 update, which is Gunsmith. The gunsmith is a platform where players can customize their guns and other weapons with over 40 attachments, camos and blueprints of their preference. In previous versions, players were given a few attachments to select and improve weapon performance. But with Gunsmith you can even make changes to the physical appearance of the weapon and make it looks way different to its base version.

Gunsmith has added a whole new level to the COD Mobile. Players need considerable time and effort to find the best attachments for their weapons suitable to their play style. Unfortunately adapting to the brand-new Gunsmith mode might be difficult for some players. But don’t worry, here we are going to explain everything about Gunsmith.

What is going to happen to your current weapons?

First and foremost, we need to understand what is going to happen to your existing weapons. Well, nothing much. The only significant different going to happen is your uncommon (green) and rare (blue) weapon skins will be named as camos and epic (purple) and legendary (gold) skins will be named as blueprints.

However, every attachment you unlocked in the old version will not carry on to the new version. For example, if you unlocked 10 attachments of a particular gun in the past, you will get first 10 attachments (level 1 to 10 attachments) of the same weapon in the new version. Even if you have several level 10 versions (skins) of the same weapon, you start from level 10.

Call of duty mobile Gunsmith Blueprints
Call of duty mobile Gunsmith Camo

How to unlock attachments?

A weapon only had 10 to 12 attachments in the past version. But now you have 40 plus and some even have more than 50 (different for each weapon). So, levelling up to the maximum is much more difficult. You need either so many weapon XP cards or you have to play many matches with the weapon to level it up. The top right corner on Gunsmith will show the current weapon level. Click on “Upgrade” to see the level you can unlock each attachment.

Call of duty mobile Gunsmith Attachments

Here are some tips to level up your weapon faster.

If you own an epic and legendary (blueprints), you will get several attachments at the beginning. These blueprints come with several pre-determined attachments (4 for epics and 5 for legendary) . Even though you haven’t unlocked them, you will be able to use them with the weapon.

What does each attachment category mean?

There are maximum 9 attachment categories for a weapon (some might have less). These categories and main functions are as follows,

  • Muzzle – Includes attachments to make your weapon silence
  • Barrel – Includes attachments to increase range and accuracy
  • Optics – Includes various scopes and sights (Red dot, Holographic Sight and Tactical Scope etc)
  • Stock – Includes attachments to increase mobility and controls of the gun
  • Perk – Includes various weapon enhancements
  • Laser – Includes attachments to increase accuracy (Specially hip-fire accuracy)
  • Underbarrel – Includes attachments to increase weapon controls, mobility and stability
  • Ammunition – Includes attachments to change the magazine capacity
  • Rear Grip – Includes attachments to increase accuracy, mobility and controls
Call of duty mobile Gunsmith Attachments

You can equip up to 5 attachments for a weapon. However, you can’t equip 2 from the same category.

What are the best attachments for each gun?

This is where most players struggle. Finding the 5 best attachments out of possible 50 is not an easy feat. We strongly believe you need to find your attachments instead of copying someone else’s. One major intention of Gunsmith is to allow players to select attachments based on their abilities and weaknesses. So, what might suitable for one player may not be ideal for another. We recommend trial and error method. Select 2 or 3 loadouts, equip the same weapon with different attachments and hop on to training mode, practice vs AI or even any public match and test each version. Then tweak attachments and try again until you find the best. This method not only helps you to find the best attachments suitable to your playing style, but also it will help you to understand the weapon behaviour as well.

In Gunsmith, there are 6 weapons stats for each weapon. They are Damage, Fire rate, Accuracy, Mobility, Range and Controls. When you equip a certain attachment, these stats will change. If the attachment increases performances stats will be shown in Green and if it decreases, stats will be in Red.

Other than specific functions of each attachment will be shown as follows. Again, increases will be in Green and decrease in Red.

Call of duty mobile Gunsmith Best Attachments

Here is a guide for some of these features.

  • Vertical Recoil – Vertical Recoil is how much your weapon moves upwards while shooting. Equip Muzzle, Underbarrel or Rear grip attachments to reduce vertical recoil
  • Lateral Recoil – lateral recoil is how much your weapon moves from side to side while shooting. Equip Muzzle or Stock attachments to reduce lateral recoil
  • Flinch Stability – flinch stability is how much your aim bounces up when getting shot at. Usually, your aim moves upwards when being shot by an enemy. Equip Stock attachments to reduce this
  • ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy – this means how accurate and tight your bullet spread when shooting with an optic. Usually, each bullet doesn’t land on the same spot. So, the tighter your spread the better. Equip Rear Grip or Barrel attachments for better ADS bullet accuracy
  • Hip Fire Accuracy – this means how accurate and tight your bullet spread when shooting without an optic. Equip Laser and Underbarrel attachments for better hip-fire accuracy
  • ADS Speed – ADS speed indicates how fast you can scope in your weapon. Equip Stock, Barrel or Rear Grip attachments for a better ADS speed
  • ADS Movement Speed – this indicates your movement speed while scoping your weapon. Usually, you move much slower while scoping. Equip Stock attachments for better ADS movement speed
  • Sprint-To-Fire Speed – This indicates your movement speed while hip firing. Equip Laser or Rear Grip attachments for the better sprint to fire speed
  • Hidden Muzzle Flash – when you are shooting enemies can see flames from your weapon. This will hide it. Equip Muzzle attachments to hide such flashes

When choosing attachments beware of weapon weaknesses and your weaknesses as well. Some weapons have more recoil than others and some have less moving speed. Choose attachments to negate those weaknesses. If your aiming is bad use attachments that will help you to aim better. And if you can control recoil well, attachments that will hamper recoil might not be a problem for you.

Also, if you are an aggressive player use attachments to increase your movement speeds, hip-fire accuracy and ads speed. And for passive players, attachments that increase range and decrease recoil are more suitable. And if you prefer flanking use attachments to make your weapon silent.

There are attachments that will change the physical appearance of a weapon (stock, barrel and muzzle). However, you won’t be able to see some of these physical changes in weapon blueprints. Many of these changes will only appear if you equip weapon camos. But intended performance changes will be there for both blueprints and camos.

Attachment Suggestions Feature

If you still find it difficult to choose attachments, there is a feature to help you. Click on the “light bulb” icon. You will see 3 attachment class suggestions for you to choose. Choose one and test.

Call of duty mobile Gunsmith Attachment Suggestions

Saving New Blueprints

Once you are happy with your attachments make sure to save them as a blueprint with a recognisable name. Unlike before, once you change a weapon in a loadout, the attachments of the previous weapon will be unequipped automatically. Your saved blueprints for each weapon will be shown under the blueprint section as follows,

Call of duty mobile Gunsmith Blueprints

Clear All – this will clear all the current attachments of the weapon. Once you click this it will give you an option to undo it as it cannot be reverted.

Default – this is specifically for blueprints. If you change the attachments of a blueprint, click on this to equip the default attachments of the blueprint.

Call of duty mobile Gunsmith

If you click on “Customize” in Gunsmith mode, you will see further customizations named Camo, Reticle, Charm and Sticker.

Call of duty mobile Gunsmith Customised

How to Unlock Weapon Camos?

Call of duty mobile Gunsmith Grindable Camos

Camos are the type of grindable weapon skins. However, these don’t belong to any of the rarity levels (uncommon, rare, epic or legendary). You can unlock these camos by completing tasks. These grindable camo types and tasks to unlock them are as follows, (tasks might change for some weapon types)

  • Sand Camos – Kill enemies
  • Dragon Camos – Kill enemies with hip fire
  • Splinter Camos – Kill enemies at long distance
  • Tiger Camos – Kill enemies with 5 attachments
  • Jungle Camos – Kill enemies with headshots
  • Reptile Camos – Kill enemies with no attachments

Completionist Camos

There are 3 completionist camos named, Gold, Platinum and Damascus (Call of Duty mobile later said the final completionist camo might change). Here is how you can unlock these camos.

  • Gold – Unlock all previously mentioned camos. Then play one more match to unlock
  • Platinum – Unlock gold camos for every weapon of a specific weapon type. For example – unlock Platinum camo for SMGs by unlocking gold camo for every SMG in the game.
  • Damascus (might change) – Unlock gold camos for every single weapon in the game.

These camos will be available to grind as you level up the weapon. So, make sure to level up the weapon before grinding these camos. Also, you can’t equip these grindable camos with most of the weapon blueprints.

How to Unlock Reticles?

There are many types of reticles you can unlock in the new Gunsmith feature. These reticles can be unlocked by getting kills with various types of optics. Unlike weapon camos, you don’t have to unlock these for every gun. Once you unlock a reticle it will be available for every weapon in the gunsmith.

Call of duty mobile Gunsmith Reticles

How to Get Weapon Charms?

Weapon charms are available from in-game events, battle pass, crates and lucky draws.

Call of duty mobile Gunsmith Charms

How to Get Weapon Stickers?

You can use stickers to your weapon in Gunsmith mode. You can use up to 4 stickers per weapon. Stickers are also available from in-game events, battle pass, crates and lucky draws.

Call of duty mobile Gunsmith Stickers

This is how Gunsmith works. Make sure to beware of every feature mentioned above before grinding for weapon attachments, camos and choosing the best attachments.

Call of duty mobile Gunsmith

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