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Domination is one of the most competitive and fun multiplayer game modes in Call of Duty Mobil. In the domination game mode, 2 teams consisting of five members each are playing to capture and hold 3 different A, B, and C Points. Two of these points are placed near each spawn location and one in the middle of the map. Each team must stay inside the point for several seconds to capture it.  After the season 9 update. If you die while capturing, the progress will remain. The enemy team should clear the progress by staying on it. You get marks only for successfully capturing and holding the point. It does not matter how many times you die in this mode. You just have to protect at least 2 points and earn the points target to win a domination game.

Domination game mode comes as a ranked mode as well. So, it will be beneficial for you to know tips and tricks to win the game easily. Maybe some of you are new to the Call of Duty Mobile and wonder how to play and win a domination game. This guide will help you in winning domination matches. Let’s find out the tips.

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1. Use SAM Turret to Destroy Enemy Scorestreaks.

SAM Turret is one of the most underrated scorestreak in the game. Since scorestreaks play a huge part in Domination, a SAM Turret always comes in handy. Enemy Counter UAVs, Stealth Choppers, and VTOL(A vertical take-off and landing aircraft) can be annoying. Especially a VTOL can be used to turn the result of a match. So, you must destroy it as soon as the enemy team launches a VTOL or a Stealth chopper. Yes, the FHJ is good, but you may die several times before destroying the enemy VTOL or Stealth chopper. Therefore, the SAM Turret is the perfect solution to take down these types of scorestreaks.

You can equip the SAM Turret from the Scorestreak section of the loadout. Make sure to place it in an open area so it can identify and destroy enemy scorestreaks in the air.

2. Use Smokes & Molotov to Capture Points.

Smoke Grenades and Molotov Cocktail will benefit you massively in Call of Duty Mobile Domination games. You can use the smokes while capturing the points. This will make it harder for the enemy to find and kill you. This smoke cover will give you time to capture the point or at least the majority of the point. On the other hand, you can throw the smoke towards the possible enemy entrances or at the campers and capture the points before they can see you.

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If you captured and have control of point B which is usually placed in the middle of the map, enemies will keep coming towards B and try to capture it. Use Molotov to protect B. Molotov Cocktail come under the Lethal equipment section after the season 9 update. And as of the time of writing, it is a powerful throwable that gives you multiple kills. So, it is a must for domination game mode. Also, the Shrapnel perk allows you to carry 2 Molotovs at the same time.

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3. Use a Trophy System when Capturing B.

We highly recommend deploying a trophy system whenever you capture B. At the start of the match, enemies will use Frags and Molotov cocktails to prevent you from capturing B. So, deploying a trophy system will help you to dodge those. And at the start of the second round, enemies will most likely use their operator skills. The trophy system will keep you safe from some operator skills as well as some scorestreaks such as Predator missile and Hunter killer drone.

4. Prone while Capturing a Point.

One of the most common mistakes players do in Domination mode is standing still while capturing. You should always prone when capturing points. Especially B point, as it is open to both teams to capture. This would make it harder for enemies to spot you and reduces the risk of dying while capturing. Because the enemies will have a hard time targeting and shooting you when you are laying on the ground. The combination of smokes, a Trophy system and prone while capturing a point will guarantee a successful capture.

5. Use the Persistence Perk.

You may already know that your scorestreak progress resets upon your death. So, you won’t be able to activate the high-valued scorestreaks such as VTOL and stealth choppers. However, there is an option in the game to prevent resetting scorestreaks. There is a perk named Persistence which comes in handy in this problem. Once equipped, it allows you to keep your scorestreak progress even if you die again and again while capturing and protecting the point.

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But the negative side is the persistence perk will double the value to activate each Scorestreak. For example, if the mentioned value of the scorestreak is 400, you need to earn 800 points to activate it with the persistence perk. Moreover, it will allow you only one time of activation per scorestreak during a match. But you can simply change your loadout out and switch back to the loadout which has the persistence perk and activate the scorestreaks again and again.

6. Use the Engineer Perk with the Care Package.

Another great scorestreak is the care packages. You can obtain random scorestreaks with the care package. You would be lucky if it’s a VTOL. But unfortunately, you may get a less valued scorestreaks such as a Hunter killer drone. These scorestreaks won’t help you much to protect or capture the points.

This is where the engineer perk comes in handy. You can simply change an unwanted scorestreak to a better scorestreak with this perk. Imagine that you received a lesser important scorestreak from a care package. Just simply go near the care package and you will see a new button next to the care package. Press on it and re-roll the care package to a new scorestreak. If you are lucky you might get a powerful scorestreak like a VTOL. But this isn’t always the case. If you get a decent scorestreak think twice before re-rolling it. Because you may end up with even the worst one.

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7. Use the Cold-Blooded perk.

Cold-Blooded perk will protect you from AI-controlled scorestreaks such as Sentry guns and Stealth choppers. Assume that the enemies are placing stealth choppers or a sentry gun around a point that you are trying to capture. You can simply avoid being killed by them with the Cold-Blooded perk.

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8. Use the Transform Shield.

The transform shield is one of the best operator skills for domination. However, this depends on your play style. If you are an objective player, the Transform shield is the go-to in domination. When you are capturing a point, a transforming shield would give you protection while you are on the point. It will protect from the enemy gun shoots and it blinds the nearby enemies for several seconds once deployed. But this isn’t much effective with the enemy the Molotov and gravity spikes.

Beware of enemy spawn before deploying, because the enemy spawn may change from time to time based on already captured points. So, place the shield wisely and get cover and capture the point. Attack the incoming enemies while protecting yourself with the help of the shield.

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9. Keep Rushing B and Keep it Cleared.

As we have mentioned earlier. You must at least control two points to reach the target points before your enemy team does. So, you must keep protecting B point while keeping your spawn point out of reach of enemies. It does not matter how many times you die, keep rushing to point B and protect it Kill enemies who are approaching it. And if you kill enemies while they are capturing, make sure to clear their progress. Find a better camping spot near B and attack the incoming enemies.

10. Make your moves Faster (Weapons & Perks).

Moving faster across the map is important in the game.  Because you must go and capture or protect the point after each death. So, you should run faster across the map in order to position yourself at the right location. To do that you can simply switch to the knife or pistol and run to the expected location. Hence you can use perks such as Lightweight and Skulker to move and handle objects faster.

11. Communicate with Teammates.

Another important thing is team communication. This is vital because you can inform the enemy moves to the other teammates. Sometimes enemies will attack while you are guarding a spot. So, you must quickly appoint someone else or inform the teammates to protect the point. Always you quick messages to communicate.

A good strategy is to keep rushing B and ask other teammates to keep rushing the enemy spawn to capture the point. It will keep the enemies busy protecting their spawn point and which gives you enough time to capture point B.

12. Try not to Switch Spawns.

It is important to understand spawns and control them in domination. If you capture B along with your spawn point, do not try to capture the 3rd point unless your team is so far behind points and capturing it is necessary for the win. This is important as if you try to capture the enemy’s spawn point, the spawns will switch and you will lose map control. Having a proper map and spawn control will allow you to spawn trap your enemies as well.

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