Call of Duty Mobile Clan Wars (Explained)

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Season 4 (2021) of Call of Duty Mobile introduced a brand-new feature to the game where players can earn amazing free skins. This feature is called Clan Wars. Clan wars allow you to compete with 6 different clans and win free skins by winning each week. In this article, we are going to explain everything related to clan wars.

Please note that this article is based on the clan war introduced in season 4 (2021). Future changes may be included in the article.

Requirements for Clan Wars

Your clan must have the minimum number of active players to enter clan wars. The minimum number of active players will depend on the rank of the clan.

  • Rookie tier clan – Minimum 5 members
  • Veteran tier clan – Minimum 7 members
  • Elite tier clan – Minimum 10 members
  • Pro tier clan – Minimum 12 members
  • Master tier clan – Minimum 15 members
  • Legendary tier clan – Minimum 20 members

Clan wars start every Tuesday reset and you have to be in a clan at that time to play clan wars. If you join a clan in mid-week, you have to wait till next Tuesday to join clan wars.

Important: Clan wars will not start if the season is ending in less than a week.

Clan Wars Rewards

Following are the clan wars rewards at the time of writing. You can obtain these rewards by collecting clan currencies (the method of earning clan currencies will be discussed later in the article)


CODM Clan War Rewards 1536x739 result

Some rewards can be obtained directly by spending clan currencies while some required you to purchase shards. For example, in the first version of the clan wars, you need 100 shards to acquire Ronin – Hagakure skin (1 shard costs 500 clan currencies).

These rewards will be changed with every rank reset. So, you have two battle pass seasons to grind these rewards. But the Activision mentioned that they may keep some of the items in the store and add more items

How to Play Clan Wars

You will be matched against 5 other random clans at the start of each clan wars week. The weekly war will last from Tuesday to Sunday. You will be given a map with 10 semi-sections with specific tasks to complete. First of all, you should be aware of the following clan wars terms.


Nodes are the semi-sections on the map that you have to compete. 10 nodes will be available each week and these nodes will contain a task (play a specific game mode, get kills with a specific gun, etc.). Each node will have a time limit and open on the map as the week progresses. There will be 3 minimum nodes to compete each day. Clan members must earn Node points for the clan by doing the Node task.

CODM Clan War Nodes 1536x959 result
COD Clan War Nodes 1024x663 result

Node Points

Node points can be obtained by performing the node task. There is no limit to the number of node points each member can obtain.

Clan War Node Points 1536x739 1 result

Players can earn additional bonuses for their node points as follows,

  • 20% bonus for the pre-match team
  • 20% bonus for purchasing the battle pass
  • 30% bonus for selecting the specific node as the key goal (here clan leader should select a node as the key goal. Only one node can be selected for each day)
  • 200% bonus for the first three matches you play each day for clan wars

These bonuses will be added to the total number of Node points a player earns from each game.

The clan with the most node points at the end of the time limit will win the node. Clans will be given Clan Points and Clan Trophies based on their performance.

Clan Points

Each node will contain a certain Clan point amount. This amount will be distributed among the top 4 clans after the time limit of the node. For example, the following node has a total of 650 Clan points. And that will be distributed among the top 4 clans as 300 for winning, 200 for 2nd place, 100 for 3rd place, and 50 for 4th place.

Clan Wars CODM 1536x739 result

Clan Trophies

Clan trophies can be obtained by winning each node and at the end of the weekly clan war. A certain number of trophies will be given to the winning clan of each node. 10 nodes will have a total of 350 clan trophies. Unlike clan points, clan trophies will be only given to the winner of the node.

Clan Wars CODM 1536x739 result 1

Clans can win or lose additional trophies at the end of weekly clan wars. A clan can earn a maximum of 950 trophies each week regardless of the clan rank by winning every node (350 trophies) and winning weekly clan wars (600 trophies). These weekly trophies are as follows.

Clan War CODM result

The number of trophies your clan holds will determine the rank of your clan.

CODM Clan War Explained result

Clan Currencies

Clan currencies are the individual reward each player can earn by participating in clan wars. These currencies can be used to purchase shards or skins from clan stores. The number of clan currencies each member can obtain will depend on 4 factors.

  1. The rank of the clan – clan’s rank will be decided on the number of trophies the clan possesses.
  2. Weekly clan performance – clan’s performance in weekly clan wars. Winning the clan wars will give more currencies and becoming last will give less.

Winning weekly clan wars will give each member a base amount of 1000 currencies for a rookie tier clan and 5000 for a legendary tier clan. Clan currency amount based on clan rank and weekly performance is as follows.

Clan War Rewards result
Clan War Rewards result
  1. Weekly Node points multiplier – clan members will be allowed to multiply the number of currencies they earn at the end of weekly clan wars. This will depend on the weekly Node points each member earns for the clan.
  • 500 individual weekly node points – 70% of the base weekly clan currencies
  • 1000 individual weekly node points – 100% of the base weekly clan currencies
  • 1500 individual weekly node points – 120% of the base weekly clan currencies
  • 2000 individual weekly node points – 150% of the base weekly clan currencies
Clan War Points 1 result
Clan War Points 1 result

Apart from the base 1000 currencies, a member can earn from winning weekly clan wars for a rookie tier clan, an additional 500 can be earned by grinding 2000 individual node points for that week.

  1. Seasonal reset – at the end of a season, clan members will receive additional currencies based on the rank of their clan. These additional currencies are as follows.
  • Rookie tier clan – 5,000 clan currencies
  • Veteran tier clan – 6,500 clan currencies
  • Elite tier clan – 8,000 clan currencies
  • Pro tier clan – 9,500 clan currencies
  • Master tier clan – 11,000 clan currencies
  • Legendary tier clan – 12,500 clan currencies
Clan War Points result

How to Win Clan Wars

The main tip for winning clan wars is by actively playing clan wars. Keep in mind that the most important thing to win or lose is the number of Clan Points your clan has at the end of the week. Not the number of Nodes and Trophies your clan captured or the number of Node points your clan gained throughout the week. It would be difficult to win every Node each week. So. Make sure to win as many nodes as your clan can and stay within the top 4 in other nodes. Total Clan points your clan has will be displayed as follows.

Clan war CODM 2 1536x739 1

You can form strategies with your clan members to win weekly clan wars. Assigning Nodes among clan members is a good strategy. This way members can put their maximum effort into the assigned node. Remember this is not an individual task. It is a collective effort. If your clan has formed a significant lead in a Node, focus on other Nodes to be within the top 4.

Clan leaders should select the best Node to set as the daily key objective (30% Node points bonus). It is always better to set the node which has the least amount of time. Keep members who are only willing to play clan wars. Losing Nodes as a result of inactive players will demoralize the most active players. Members can check the most active players from the “Rank” section of the clan.

Tips to win Maximum Individual Rewards

As mentioned earlier, Clan currencies are the main reward each member can earn from clan wars. Here are some tips to earn maximum rewards.

  • Join an active clan
  • Join a high-tier (Master, Legendary) clan
  • Grind as many Node points as possible to earn the maximum possible Clan points from each node
  • Make sure to have the maximum level (4) Node points multiplier each week (2000 node points)

Apart from weekly currencies, each member can earn additional character shards at the end of the weekly clan war. However, your clan needs to be Elite tier or higher to earn these weekly shards. The number of shards you can earn is as follows,

  • Elite tier clan – 1 shard
  • Pro tier clan – 2 shards
  • Master tier clan – 4 shards
  • Legendary tier clan – 8 shards

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