Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Tips

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Pre-Lobby Map Awareness

Pre lobby is the time you have to wait until the match starts. If you are playing either duos or squads, each teammate must select the BR class and choose the Jump leader.  Make sure to appoint team member with the airborne class as the jump leader. Airborne class allows you to travel a long distance in the air compared to the other classes.

Hence the team must decide landing spot before the game starts or during the flight. It can be a corner of the map, a higher tier zone, or the aerial platform.

Choose the Right Class

For duos and squads, each teammate should decide the class in the pre-match lobby. Take your time and select the classes that gives advantages not only for you but for other teammates as well. In squad gameplay, the airborne and the medic classes play a vital role. The airborne class will assist to move quickly and to spot enemies from the air while the medic class will help in  reviving teammates faster and heal them at any time without using health items. Also Refitter is a highly underrated class for squad game plays. It gives armour packs for you and teammates and automatically repairs the damaged vehicles you are using.

CODM BR Classes selection
CODM BR Classes selection

Loot & Shoot

Once you landed, start looting guns, ammo First Aid Kits and other important items. But pay attention to your teammates, noises, gunfights, and footsteps around you. Enemies, especially ones that use Ninja class can easily sneak up and shoot you. Moreover, do not forget to use the adrenaline shots and increase your health to 150. Generally, your health starts at the 100HP level. Always make sure to have the highest level vest. And don’t forget to repair the vest if damaged.

When you are looting the death crates on the enemy, make sure to prone to avoid being spotted by other enemies.

Hence, you should find the loot as soon as possible and reach the earliest airdrop. Usually, many teams are going for the first air drop. If an enemy team get the airdrop before you, try to avoid them since they are carrying better guns and loot.

Another method of grabbing good loot is by killing the zombie boss in Farm area. But since the boss is in a large open area, make sure there are no enemies nearby. And keep in mind that fighting the zombie boss will attract other enemy teams as well.

Communicate with the Team

Communication with the teammates is a must. Because you and other teammates must know what each other are doing. For example, in a case of a huge gunfight against multiple enemies, some teammates may need to heal. So, they must let other teammates know the situation and act accordingly. This will prevent other teammates may blindly rushing towards the enemies.

And if you are flanking a team, let other members know that as well. Also let other teammates know before activating classes like Smoke Bomber, Cluster Strike and Toy Bomb to prevent confusions. Communicate about enemy trap masters if you spot them.

Hence you can use the quick messages to communicate.

Battle Royale Quick Messages COD Mobile 1536x709 1 result

Use the Direction Bar & Marker

Some players fail to give accurate directions to their teammates. They simply tell that the direction of the enemy that could confuse other teammates. Here is where the direction bar which is placed on the top of your screen comes in handy. You can simply let the other teammates know the coordinates of the enemy locations with the help of this bar.

codm Battle royale direction bar
codm Battle royale direction bar

Sharing and Caring

Being selfish and greedy will harm your chances of winning in COD Mobile Battle Royale. You must always share the extra loots such as ammo, first aid kits, and adrenaline shots with teammates. If you are the first person to open an airdrop, you should drop the additional adrenaline shots and armour plates for your teammates even before they ask for them. Hanging around airdrops makes your team vulnerable for enemy attacks. So, make sure to share these items faster as possible.

Make sure to give enough ammo, a gun, first aid kits, adrenaline shots, and armour plates for the teammates who are returning from the revive planes. Because finding good loots over and over again is not an easy task.

If the battlefield is clear, mark or show your returning teammates enemy crate boxes which are worth looting.

Adjust Your HUD

Having the correct movements is vital in a face-to-face gunfight. Therefore, adjusting your Heads-Up Display is important.  You can simply go to settings > BR Mode> Custom Layout and Adjust your HUD. Professional Battle Royale players recommend making the moving joystick smaller as possible. It will help you to move back and forth or left and right with a little finger movement on the screen.  Move the running button closer as possible to the joystick as well for better movements.

Apart from that, other important buttons should be placed in a way to reach easily. Practise with your HUD to improve muscle memory.

CODM Battle Royale HUD

Adjust Basic Settings

In the basic setting section, you can adjust some of the options for your advantage. For example, you can switch off the continuous grenade throw feature. This would come in handy when you are fighting multiple enemies. This feature will automatically equip the gun once the grenade is released from your hand so you can focus on the next enemy.

Moreover, always sprint can give a huge advantage. Increase the always sprint level to 100. This will make harder for the enemies to shoot at you while you are sprinting.

CODM Basic battle royale Settings

Adjust Sensitivity Settings

Sensitivity settings are another important thing for a smooth gameplay. In the sensitivity settings, you must adjust the rotation mode till you get a perfect 180-degree turn. Hop on to the training lobby and adjust the rotation mode value till you get a perfect 180-degree turn with a quick finger swipe over the screen. Please note that these sensitivity values can differ from one device to another. So, copying your friend’s sensitivity values is not ideal.

CODM Battle royale Sensitivity Settings

Keep Rotating

In Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale, staying idle or camping in the same spot will put you in danger. You can be vulnerable for cluster strikes, grenades, cluster grenades, and nova gas if an enemy team spotted you. Sometimes enemies may land right behind you from a chopper, airborne, revive plane or using ninja class and shoot you before you even think. Hence the enemies using Ninja BR class have dead silence which is even more dangerous .

One of the best item recently added to the game is the snowboard. This would help you to move around the map faster and even escape an enemy attack. When it comes to vehicles, chopper is arguably the best to move around the map. Make sure to keep an eye on the chopper HP if it take any damage.

Use Tactical & Lethal Weapons

Frag grenades and cluster grenades are some underrated items in the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale. But pro players never hesitate to use them to their advantage. When an enemy team is hiding inside a house or behind a rock with traps around them, the best strategy is to throw tactical grenades towards them to force them out of their spots. These grenades can cause a huge damage the enemies.

Moreover, another great use of these cluster grenades is to use against enemy tanks. Yes, tanks can be easily destroyed with the help of few cluster grenades.

If your teammate get knocked, use a smoke grenade to cover them before reviving. This will protect both you and your teammate from enemy attacks.

Pay Attention to The Mini-Map

The mini-map is vital for you to survive in the game. The gunfire, enemy vehicles and footsteps of the nearby enemies will be shown on the mini-map. If you have equipped the spotter class, the enemies who fly around you with wingsuits will be shown on the mini-map as well.

Keep an eye on the movement of the safe zone. Many players die outside of the safe zone due to not paying attention to the zone movement in mini-map.

Use the Right Gunsmith Loadout

Ground loot weapons might not be the best weapons to fight the enemies. You can gain an extra advantage by using custom guns. The custom guns can be obtained only from the airdrops. You can pre-set these custom guns from the loadout section. Here are some of the best custom weapon loadouts for the Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 – Spurned & Burned.

CODM BR custom guns loadouts
CODM BR custom guns loadouts

Rush & Retreat Wisely

Try not to go for personal glory while playing duos and squads. Rushing an enemy team alone will put your whole team in danger. If you die, enemies could use your loot box as a trap to attack the rest of the teammates. Therefore you should inform the other teammates and attack together.

If you get killed by enemies, you will still see the enemy movements for few seconds, inform their location to your teammates instantly rather than worrying over your death. Hence, stop shouting and giving unnecessary advices for your teammates. This may make your teammate uncomfortable and cause distraction. Moreover, if you caused some damage to enemies before getting killed, communicate your teammates to attack them before getting healed.

If all your teammates die during a battle, your priority should be picking the tags and retreat from the fight. Since, you are the last man standing, move to a safe place and wait until your teammates return. Try to not get involve in any gun fight at this moment. Snowboards are life saviours in these kinds of situations.

Maintain Full Health

Some players are not paying attention to their health level during or after a gunfight. You should keep an eye on the health level before rushing towards your enemies. First aid kits will help you to keep your health level at 100HP level while the adrenaline shots help to maintain health at 150HP. But you should wisely use the healing items based on the situation that you are in. If you are in a gun fight in an open area, it’s wise to use a first aid kit rather than an adrenaline shot. Because it takes less time for you to heal using a first aid kit.

Hold High Grounds

Holding the high ground and stay inside the safe zone will help you to win more gun fights.  The players who stay on top of a building, tower, or a mountain get a better view than the players who are on the low ground. Also, it makes you harder to hit for the enemies on low ground.

If you are the high ground holder, having few traps around you may protect you from surprise attacks from airborne and ninja users. If your enemy holds the higher ground, use cluster grenades and nova gas to attack or you can simply escape the area with the help of a snowboard.

Also, try to avoid staying in an open area for a long time. Staying in such places will reveal your location to enemies easily.

HIP Fire

Hip fire is the method of firing your gun without scoping. This would be less accurate, but it’s the best method to for close quarter battles. Hence it helps you to move a lot faster while shooting at the enemies and win more gun fights.

Place the hip fire button very close to the Ads fire button. Then start practising. Picking up a gun and hip firing in the pre-match lobby is the best method to practise this. This will help you to gain muscle memory for the button.

The best weapons to HIP fire are Sub Machine Guns (SMG) at the time of writing. Therefore equipping a SMG such as QQ9 or a RUS as the secondary weapon is a wise decision. When you are hip firing you may waste a lot of ammo. Therefore, do not forget to equip an extended magazine perk to increase the amount of ammo. You can also equip a hip-fire built SMG as a customized weapon.

Use A Better Internet Connection

No matter how good of a player you are, your internet connection will affect your performance. The ping in the game depends on the quality of your internet signals and coverage. If the ping is high, you will get killed easily or keep reconnecting to the game constantly.

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