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Season 9 update of Call of Duty Mobile was one of the most significant updates the game ever received. This update added various changes to both Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes. When it comes to Battle Royale, the entire looting system was changed with the addition of weapons with pre-decided weapon attachments and various weapon levels (epic, legendary etc). Another brand-new addition to Battle Royale was the introduction of Gun Mods.

Gun Mods are a type of attachment which allows you to have different weapon enhancements and abilities. Every weapon inside Battle Royale comes with a separate slot for these gun mods and you can equip one Gun mod per weapon. Unlike other attachments, you can choose which one to use and change different mods throughout the match. Some of these gun mods have different levels (from common to legendary) and some only have one level.

Gun Mods

There are 12 such gun mods currently available in the game and the following is a guide for each of those gun mods.

1. Dense Fire Mods

Dense fire mods reduce ADS bullet spread when shooting. Usually, when you shoot by ADS’ing, each bullet doesn’t land on the same spot. So, these gun mod tights the bullet spread and gives you more accuracy.

Dense fire mod

2. Extended Mods

Extended Mods increase the ammo capacity of your magazine and reduce the reload time. Even if your weapon has an extended magazine, this will further increase the ammo capacity. This mod comes in several levels. Higher mods will give you even more ammo capacity and reduce reload time.

Extended mod

3. Void Mods

Void Mods are similar to Extended mods. It increases the ammo capacity and reduces reload time. However, this mod will discard the remaining ammo of the magazine when you reload. For example, if your weapon’s magazine capacity is 40 and you reload at 20, your total ammo count will be reduced by 40 instead of 20. The void mod only comes in one level (legendary).

Void mod

4. Flashlight Mods

Flashlight mod is similar to the Tactical Flashlight we had in previous seasons. This mod flashes and blinds the nearby enemies when ADS’ing. This has a cool-down time similar to a tactical flashlight.

Flashlight mod

5. Light Trigger Mods

Light Trigger Mods enable burst shooting for specific sniper rifles. This is one of the most unique out of all the gun mods as you can only equip this to specific weapons. Currently, this mod is only available for M21 EBR and XPR 50. Usually, you need to keep tapping on the fire button to shoot multiple times from these weapons. But once the light trigger mod is equipped, you can tap and hold the button just like a normal weapon to continue shooting.

Light Trigger mod

6. Longshot Mods

Longshot mods increase the range of a weapon. This mod also comes in several levels. Higher level mods will give even more range to your weapon.

Longshot mod

7. Muffled Mods

Muffles mods reduce the firing sound of your weapon and hide your gunfire from the enemy’s mini-map. This will help you to shoot at enemies without revealing your position. The muffled mod is more suitable for sniper rifles.

Muffled mod

8. QRF Mods

QRF mod is one of the best gun mods available in the game. This mod increases your accuracy when you cause damage to an enemy. For example, if you shoot at an enemy and cause damage, the accuracy of your next shots will increase significantly allowing you to kill them faster. QRF mod is more effective at medium or long-range gunfights.

QRF mod

9. Runner Mods

Runner mod functions are similar to the legendary quickdraw we had in previous seasons. This will increase your movement speed for a few seconds after exiting the scope.

Runner mods

10. Slider Mods

Slider mods automatically reload your weapon when sliding. For each slide, the number of bullets in your magazine will increase by 1. You can do this until your magazine is full. This comes in handy, especially for shotgun users. Since shotguns require a long time to reload, you can slide several times and hit even more shots without worrying about reloading.

Slider mod

11. Stabilizer Mods

Stabilizer mods control the recoil of your weapon and reduce weapon flinch when attached. Usually, when you are getting shot, your aim bounces. This will reduce it and help you to maintain a stable aim when you are getting shot.

Stabilizer mod

12. Sleuth Mods

Sleuth mod will reveal the location when you cause damage to the enemy. The enemy will be highlighted in red once you shoot. This effect will remain for 5 seconds. This mod also has a 30-second cooldown effect.

Sleuth mod

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