Best Perks for COD Mobile Multiplayer Games

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Perks are special abilities and features available for Multiplayer mode in COD mobile game. There is a total of 18 perks available under 3 categories inside the COD mobile, Red perks, Green perks, and Blue perks. In this article, we are going to provide you a detailed guide about each perk, their abilities, and special features. Moreover, we will let you know the best perks inside the COD mobile.

First, let’s find out what are the available perks and what they do. Remember if you are new to the game all of the 18 perks are not available at the start. You have to unlock each perk when you level up the game.

All Perks Available in Call of Duty Mobile


Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks - Agile Perk

Agile Perk

This perk reduces your aiming time of the weapons after a sprint by 85% while giving a quicker object mantling. Unlocks at level 30.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks - Fast Recover Perk

Fast Recover Perk

Fast recovery perk increases your Health Points recovery rate by 35%. That means your heal back 35% faster. Unlocks at level 04.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks - Persistence Perk

Persistence Perk

This perk eliminates your scorestreak progression being reset on death. But the downside is the cost of the scorestreaks is doubled when you use this perk. Unlocks at level 14.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks - Flak Jacket Perk

Flak Jacket Perk

The flak jacket perk reduces the damage you get from explosions by 35%. Unlocks at level 39.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks - Skulker Perk

Skulker Perk

The Skulker perk increases the walking and crouching movement speed by 12%. Unlocks at level 45.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks - Lightweight Perk

Lightweight Perk

The lightweight perk reduces fall damage and increases player sprinting speed by 10%. Unlocks at level 22.

COD Mobile tactician Perk

Tactician Perk

Spawn with an extra piece of tactical equipment such as Trophy systems, Flashbang grenades, smoke grenades, Concussion grenades, EPM, and Cryo Bombs.

Overkill Perk

At the cost of a secondary weapon, two unique primary weapons can be carried. So you can carry an assault rifle along with a sniper or a shotgun etc. This perk hasn’t been released yet.

Restock Perk

Restock Perk

Recharge equipment over 25 seconds. Replenish one combat Axe. This perk hasn’t been released yet.


Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks - Vulture Perk

Vulture Perk

The vulture perk gives you the ability to pick up ammo from your kills equal to the capacity of the current weapon’s magazine. Unlocks at level 06.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks-  toughness Perk

Toughness Perk

The toughness perk reduces your flinch when you are being shot by 60%. Unlocks at level 16.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks - tracker Perk

Tracker Perk

The tracker perk makes enemy footprints visible for 4 seconds. Unlocks at level 24.

COD Mobile ghost Perk

Ghost Perk

Ghost perk enables you to be invisible from enemy UAV’s. Unlocks at level 47.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks Cold-Blooded Perk

Cold-Blooded Perk

The Cold-Blooded Perk protect you from enemy’s manually controlled scorestreaks and AI-controlled scorestreaks. Unlocks at level 32.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks - hard-wired Perk

Hard Wired Perk

The hard wired perk protects you from trip mines while making you immune to enemy EMP grenades and Counter UAVs. It makes the enemy tracker perks to being less effective on you. Unlocks at level 41.

Quick Fix perk

Quick Fix Perk

Gun, melee, and combat axe kills regenerate health. Capturing and holding objects increase health generation. Therefore this perk would be most suitable for harpoints and domination game modes.

Amped Perk

Amped Perk

Take advantage of faster weapon swap, throwing grenade swap and launcher speed (Excludes pistol and melee swaps).


Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks -hardline Perk

Hardline Perk

The hardline perk increases the points you earn for every kill by 25%. Unlocks at level 12.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks- demo expert Perk

Demo Expert Perk

The demo expert perk increases the explosive damage by 25%. Unlocks at level 20.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks - tactical mask Perk

Tactical Mask

The duration of the tactical equipment’s effectiveness on you is reduced by 40%. Unlocks at level 43.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks alert Perk

Alert Perk

The alert perk helps you to locate an enemy when they are close. It will show a red color warning on the mini-map. Unlocks at level 51.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks engineer Perk

Engineer Perk

The engineer perk helps you see enemy equipment and scorestreaks. Moreover, you can booby trap enemy care packages and re-roll friendly care packages. Unlocks at level 37.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks Dead Silence Perk

Dead Silence Perk

The dead silence perk helps the players to move without making any noise. Unlocks at level 20.

High Alert Perk

High Alert Perk

Your vision pulses when enemies outside of of your view see you. Mark enemies, their equipments, and their scorestreaks by aiming down your sight.

Shrapnel Perk

Shrapnel Perk

Spawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment. Explosive damage delays enemy health regeneration.

Best 5 Perks on COD Mobile

In this section of the article, we are going to reveal the best perks that give you the upper hand over your enemies. But as you may already know, you can only equip 3 perks (one from each color) per loadout (Gamer). Let’s find out what they are,

5# Ghost Perk

The ghost perk makes you invisible to your enemy UAV’s. You can check the UAV list on scorestreaks section in the player loadout.

UAV Scoretreak in COD Mobile

These UAV’s reveal your exact location on the mini-map. Every enemy tends to use enemy UAV’s irrespective of rank or non-ranking matches. So the ghost perk makes you invisible in the mini-map and makes you a ninja. It is the only purpose of this perk. Yet it will come in handy in any multiplayer game mode.

4# Agile Perk

As we have mentioned earlier, the agile perk helps you to mantle over objects and increase the aiming time after a sprint. If there is an enemy in front of you, this perk allows you to sprint quickly and aim at your enemy faster to kill the enemy. This perk is suitable for players who use Assault Rifles or SMGs (Sub Machine Guns) such as MSMC, PDW-57, HG40, RUS-79U, and Chicom. The agile perk will greatly help you in fast phased gunfights and make you a more aggressive player inside the game.

COD Mobile Assault Rifle and Sub Machine Gun List Season 1 2 3

3# Flak Jacket

Flak jacket helps you to survive form explosives. As it decreases the damage you get from the explosions (Trip mines, RPG, and grenades). But you can avoid the flak jacket perk when you are camping and using the snipers. We recommend you to replace the Flak Jacket perk with the Agile perk in sniper and SMG loadout.

Call of Duty Mobile Flak Jacket Perk

2# Toughness Perk

The toughness perk is absolutely great as it reduces the flinch by 60%. Flinch is the random movement that occurs when you get shot which makes it harder to aim at your enemy. Your character may randomly run or your gun may automatically shoot upwards as a result of flinch. So the Toughness perk will eliminate the flinch by 60% and gives you an uninterrupted shoot while the enemy is shooting at you.

1# Dead Silence

If you do not use the dead silence, nearby enemies will hear your footsteps easily. In COD Mobile the enemy foots steps are louder. It is really easy to hear the enemy’s footsteps with a good headphone. So if you have not equipped the dead silence, the enemy will be able to hear your footsteps and easily locate your position. It also helps to approach the enemy and kill them without them even realizing it.

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