Best Weapons in COD Mobile Battle Royale

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There are few Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Best Guns we can equip to get easy kills. A player can have 2 guns as primary and secondary weapons. Of course, you have to use whatever the gun you find once landed. But if you know the best guns that give you faster kills, it will help you to win more gunfights and matches. Once a new season arrives, game developers usually change the performances of the guns. So, let’s find out what are the best guns for Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale game mode after season 4 (Steel Legion) update.


COD Mobile Best Battle Royale Guns AK117
  • Damage 50
  • Accuracy 50
  • Range 45
  • Fire Rate 70
  • Mobility 60

K117 Assault Rifle is arguably the best gun inside the COD Mobile Battle Royale game mode. Since season 1, this has shown consistent performances. We recommend AK117 as your number one primary weapon choice.

Even though the damage of the gun is 50, it has a high fire rate of 70. Therefore you can quickly kill an enemy and survive many gunfights. The recoil of the gun can be controlled easily. One downside of the weapon is its magazine capacity which is 20. But you can increase it to 30 or 40 with a heavy mag.


CODM M4 best gun for battle royale
  • Damage 45
  • Accuracy 70
  • Range 45
  • Fire Rate 60
  • Mobility 60

M4 is the second-best choice as your primary weapon. It has fairly low damage (45) and a fire rate (60) compared to the AK117 which is the only reason we select AK117 as over the M4 as the best gun. However, you cannot notice this difference in a gunfight most of the time.

The best thing about the M4 gun is its high accuracy. Accuracy of the M4 gun is 70 and the recoil is almost non-existent compared to other guns in BR mode which is its best feature. Similar to AK117, the magazine capacity is 20 unless you have a heavy mag.

Arctic .50

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COD Mobile Best Battle Royale Guns Arctic 50
  • Damage 85
  • Accuracy 52
  • Range 95
  • Fire Rate 30
  • Mobility 50

We believe Arctic 50 is the only sniper that you should use in Call of Duty Battle Royale Mode. It is the best gun in cod mobile snipers list. It has high damage of 85, which you will need only 2 accurate shots to kill or down your enemies.

Arctic 50 is the best secondary weapon you can have as you can kill enemies who are very far away from you. A 4x scope is recommended for better long-distance aiming.

Moreover, the airdrops will give you the Arctic 50 – Exotic gun, equipped with legendary attachments and a Thermal scanning scope. Sometimes it can be found inside the buildings as well. The Arctic 50 – Exotic version is the best sniper rifle you can get inside COD Mobile Battle Royale. Even teammates are fighting to get it first from airdrops. If your enemy doesn’t have an undamaged level 3 vest, you can kill them with a single headshot.


COD Mobile Best Battle Royale Guns AK47
  • Damage 70
  • Accuracy 48
  • Range 66
  • Fire Rate 55
  • Mobility 60

AK47 has the highest damage of 70, out of all the assault rifles. But the accuracy (48) and Fire Rate (55) are slightly lower compared to other ARs appear in this list. But it is a reliable gun if you use it properly. If you don’t like to use snipers, AK47 is the best choice as your secondary weapon.

However, the major reason to position AK47 behind AK117 and M4 is the high recoil of the gun. You need to put an extra effort to control its recoil in long-distance gunfights even with a fore-grip. You will probably lose a gunfight to an enemy who has an AK117 or M4 even though AK47 does more damage.


  • Damage 90
  • Accuracy 40
  • Range 25
  • Fire Rate 50
  • Mobility 75

The next best gun in cod mobile is PDW57. PDW57 has a damage of 90, which makes the gun highly efficient in close quarter gunfights. That is why we have included the PDW-57 in the best guns in COD Mobile list. However, the range of the gun is 25 which makes it less effective in long-range shooting. If you like to equip an SMG as your secondary weapon, PDW57 is your best choice since the MSMC got nerfed with the season 4 update.

Another reason to place PDW57 as one of the best guns inside Battle Royale is its magazine capacity. With the highest level magazine, you can shoot 65 bullets without reloading. All the SMGs are only good at close range gunfights. Don’t use them for long-range fights and only use them as your secondary weapon.

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