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Are you struggling to figure out the best graphics settings for Apex Mobile? or Do you experience poor gameplay due to lags or low FPS? ( Frame Rate per Second). We are here to help you to have a better Apex Mobile Experience by tweaking your settings.

Apex Mobile supports maximum of 60fps, but 120fps can be unlocked for few selected high-end devices and emulators. Let us guide you on how to optimize your Apex Mobile Graphics settings to have the optimal graphics settings.

The better the graphics, the higher the gameplay quality. But this may cause lag, device heating, and power draining issues. If you have set your graphics quality at Extreme HD or higher, the game will activate the advanced section which allows you to switch on or off following features.

  • Dynamic Shadows
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Refraction Quality
  • Bloom
  • Vegetation

Adjust Graphic Quality

Switching on extreme graphics will give you a better gaming experience but at the same time it can cause the aforementioned issues. Switching them off won’t give you any significant disadvantage, instead you will get a competitive advantage over your enemies due to less lag and lower ping.

Apex Legends Mobile Best Graphics Settings

Therefore, we suggest to Lower your graphics quality to Smooth which eliminates blooms, shadows and extra graphics effects which are added to fancy the game play. Therefore set you Graphics quality to Smooth on Apex Mobile.

Switch on Adative Smoothing

If you are not satisfied with the look of the game at smooth graphics level, then switch to the next graphics level till you are happy with the quality. Also make sure to switch on the adaptive smoothing option. If FPS is too unstable, adaptive soothing will adjust the graphic quality in real-time to improve the graphic smoothness.

Apex Legends Mobile Best Graphics Settings 2 result

Adjust Field of View to max

The Field of view value determine the area that you see in the game. Higher the Field of view, higher the area you see on the screen during the gameplay. We recommend you to set the Field of view values to max level of 110. This will benefit you to spot enemies from a distance.

Apex Legends Mobile Best Graphics Settings 3 result

But keep in mind that, higher the FOV, the smaller the enemy appear on the screen. Following image shows the area visible at different FOVs (image is taken at 110 FOV).

Apex Legends Mobile FOV Comparison

Max the Frame Rate (FPS)

In short, having a higher frame rate is always better. Because the higher the frame rate, the smoother the game looks. Apex Mobile currently has 4 Frame Rate options. Depending on your smartphone hardware specs, you may see all or few of them.

Apex Legends Mobile Best Graphics Settings 1 result
  1. Normal (30FPS)
  2. High (40FPS)
  3. Very High (50FPS)
  4. Ultra (60FPS)

If the game gives you the 60FPS option, we recommend you to select the Ultra (60FPS) option. You can simply check your FPS in real-time during the game play. In order to do that switch on the following toggle.

Apex Legends Mobile Best Graphics Settings 4 result

Graphics Style

The graphics style let you customize the vibrant graphic looks of the apex mobile game. It is a personal preference based on how vibrant you want your game to look.

Non-Standard UI Adjustment

If you are playing apex Mobile with a smartphone device that has a notch, this feature allows you to minimize the left and right screen balance of the app. You can simply adjust this value according to your Mobile’s notch size. But keep in mind that, adjusting this value will affect your HUD. You may have to adjust your HUD (Heads Up Display) which will overlap each other due to adjusting of the screen size with this feature.

Apex Legends Mobile Best Graphics Settings 5 result

Finding the best graphics settings for Apex Legends Mobile is very important since your whole gameplay and performance highly depends on it. So, make sure to go through these settings to find the optimal settings for you the next time you are hopping on to the game.

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